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Munster Wins an MMA

MMA11.png Maltie's Eleven Malton Murder Award Winner
The contributions of Hermann Munster to the PKing industry earned them an award at the Maltie's Eleven Malton Murder Awards.

Well I never! Final proof that Urban Dead is dead. Nonetheless, I will enjoy my fifteen minutes of fame (whaddaya mean, they're already over?).

Cliche by Name, Filthy Rotter by Nature

Smokin' hot Hermann

Hermann Munster accepts his fate as a walking cliche, or more accurately, a shambling one. Cursed with a flat head, a limited imagination and a cranium full with the rotten, pus-ridden stump of a medulla oblongata, he simply doesn't care.

Munster Marauds Molebank

Munster originally haunted the dreary western edges of Malton such as Owsleybank, then a ghost town (and not much better now).

However, he soon got sucked into bad company and took part in a successful campaign to Paint Molebank Red. Fascinated by Molebank's ubiquitous poop graffiti and engorged on living brains, Munster followed this impromptu touring horde on trips to the Malton City Zoo in Ketchelbank, where he ate numerous rare species and a few of The Malton Zookeepers. By this time he was already a confirmed rotter and took pleasure in the futile attempts to revive him.

Munster Migrates

The as-yet anonymous horde took a right turn and ultimately wound up in Gulsonside, where it took on the task of cracking Blesley Mall before the 2009 edition of the Mall Tour showed up.

Around this time the horde took the name Clubbed to Death, alluding to its mall-siege strategy of seizing clubs and other dark buildings as safe havens (and banging nitespots) from which to assault the eardrums and brainpans of the hapless breathers in their brightly lit safehouses.

After repeated break-ins and mass infections, Blesley succumbed when the nightly screams of its pathetic occupants attracted enough ferals for the mall to be utterly overrun. Mall Tour 09 skipped Blesley as a result.

Clubbed to Death has been in the area ever since, with one brief sojourn in West Grayside to poke fun at Pole Mall Security and play a few club nights at Clapton Stadium during May-June of 2009.

Munster Gets Married

Many women have tried to win Hermann's heart, or simply rip it from his chest.

Don't be stupid. Munster may be a rotten, brain-dead meat puppet but he knows better than to accept such a wretched fate.

Nonetheless, Hermann has had a string of girlfriends, and admits to being unsure whether he prefers "a woman with brains" or "a woman with a delicious body". He's still trying to get to the heart of the matter, and is happy to pick the brains of anyone who enjoys such cerebral discussions.

Munster: Malton's Monster Model

Hermann Munster has always been fashion-forward, and was among the first in town to adopt the retro look, complete with Dutch bicycle and clerical garb.

During his trip to Clapton Stadium he has shed his cassock and adopted the red-and-white colours of South Malton's favourite team. Given the physical nature of Munster's duties, he matches the scarf with a practical set of red overalls, although the original red is now merging with the blood and brain tissue of various brief acquaintances.

The Munster Mash

As a member of Clubbed to Death, Hermann enjoys a bit of karaoke, and can sometimes be found spinning the wheels of steel in his DJing sessions at clubs around the CtD 'Salty Zone of Death' such as Club Wadman, Club Simpson, Club Adam and Club Single.

140 deadbeats per minute

Munster Mottoes

10ksociety.gif 10k Society
This user is a proud member of the 10k Society
Homer-simpson-brain.jpg Rotten
Hermann is rotten to the core.
Trench coat.jpg Anti-Trenchcoater
Hermann finds people with 20 shotguns and katanas to be obnoxious.
Banana.gif B-A-N-A-N-A-Z!
This user knows exactly what to do with a banana.
BloodSmearHand.JPG Blot It Out!
Hermann supports the Blood Smear Grafitti ability for zombies
Eatbrains.gif Brain Rot
Hermann has Brain Rot and wishes to stay dead.
Grabzamazz.gif GRAB ZAMM AZZ!!
This zombie enjoys playfully confusing and humiliating survivors.
Du Nu Nu Nu...
MC Munster can touch this.
Dawn ut dead.jpg OMG, Yet Another Headshot!
Hermann is amazed their zombie can still lurch after so many headshots.
Hoard.jpg HOARD
Hermann recognizes the difference between a horde and a hoard.
This user supports bringing the World Cup back to Malton.
Weapons.JPG Weapon of Choice
This user's weapon of choice is his infectious halitosis.
Gulsonside Defender
This user is defending Blesley Mall from breathers. He's pretty replete.
Blacksmurf.jpg Gnap! Gnap!
This smurf is really smurfed and wants to smurf everyone in the smurf!
Dawn dead.gif Salt The Land
Hermann supports the Salt the Land policy.
Charlie2.jpg Survivor Activities
This user has been wondering what all those survivors are doing in their EHB buildings in Green Suburbs.
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