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RAF.pngRAF Private.jpg
Joined: 1-23-06
Rank: Private
Character Class: Military
Current Level: 2
Favorite Weapon: Pistol
Backup Weapon: Fireaxe
Character Profile: Mantis44 profile
Current Status: Zed waiting to be revived in UD
Location: Gulsonside
Kills: 3
Revives: -
Group: Roftwood Assault Force

The Apocalypse Has Commenced

I'm pretty new to UD, only been playing for a month now. It's my first text-based RPG and I like it so far. I recently was turned into a Zed while trying to up my EXP to get the Construction skill. I have an alt name Crimson Toad, so if you see me, give me a shout.

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