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File Log: Marcus Allan Reaves
Name: Reaves, Marcus Allan
Level: 5
Age: 24
Sex: M
Blood type: B
Marital Status: Single
Rank: Private
Designation: Infantry
Status: Alive
Service: Omega Company USCMC
Qualifications R - Recon Specialist.gif
Private Marcus Allan Reaves, photo taken on USS Omaha
Screamingeaglepatch.gif Omega Company USCMC
Marcus Reaves supports Omega Company, United States Colonial Marine Corps in their ongoing campaign to rid Malton of all zombie unlife.
The v.jpg Remember, Remember the 5th of November
This user or group supports the vendetta against the villainous undead in Ridleybank. On the 5th of November, we will march on the choked heart of Malton and liberate it anew. Victory will be ours, and with it, vengeance!
Sgpicon1.gif Sacred Ground Policy Supporter
This user or group supports the Sacred Ground Policy and acknowledges that all Cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered Revivification Points.


Reaves is a tall standing man at 6'2", he has deep brown eyes, and well-kept brown hair. He has a small goatee on his chin which is well-kept aswell. He is clad in his trademark Desert-print Camoflauge BDUs. His boots are black and steel-toed, and he wears black gloves with the index finger cut out from each hand. His face is unscarred, but he has well-defined bags under his eyes from the fighting he has gone through. Reaves is left handed, and as such, his pistol holster is on his left thigh.


Mossberg 500 Shotgun, Marcus' little toy he found after raiding a PD
  • Pistol (0)
  • x2 First Aid Kit
  • x2 Shotgun (0)(0)
  • Flak Jacket
  • Radio


  • Basic Firearms
    • Pistol Training
    • Shotgun Training
      • Advanced Shotgun Traning
  • Free Running


Day 1, Sept 15/06

Was deployed into Wykewood Suburb, secured a safehouse after fighting off undead attackers. No damage taken, 8 rounds expended, 1 magazine and a medipack remaining. I'm going to sleep now, and keep a more detailed journal tomorrow.

Day 2, Sept 16/06

I awoke with a start today. Recently I had taken shelter in a building some ways south of me. I left the building, there were a few others, but I didn't bother with them. Making my way north, I went through a cemetary, then began to head west. I went through a few streets before I went south to Garde Drive School. I searched the area but found nothing. Low on supplies, and armed with only a pistol and 4 bullets. I decided I best head west some more, and see if I could regroup with my squad. Passing a Hotel, and heading to the Mather Library. I'd probably find some shelter there for now. I didn't know how wrong I was. A zombie came from nowhere, and attacked me, doing mild damage. Wasting my remaining ammunition, and seeing no way to wind this fight, I ran off west to a safer area. I stopped at the Paris hotel for a rest, and used my medikit. Now with little items, I deicded I would go south to the josephine General Hospital. The Hospital was barricaded, I couldn't get in, so I searched the area turning up nothing. I went east, and his in the Adalbert General Hospital instead. I searched around the hospital, and turned up another medikit. I took it with relif, and decided I'd best move on. I headed south to the mcdonald Motel in hopes of secureing some ammunition at the least. The motel was barricaded, and I was unable to get in. I went west again, hoping to find some ammo, and maybe kill some Zeds. Finding nothing, I decided to head back east and take shelter in the Adalbert Hospital for now, until I had enough energy to continue on.

Day 3, Sept 17/06

Entry A

I was semi-rested as I left the hospital, and headed south. I just ran, I didnt see anything, or try to fight anything, just ran. Finally, I found my way into Ruddlebank, STARS was here, they would be able to supply me with shelter and ammunition until I could regroup with any other USCMC Omega Company Marines. In ruddlebank, I ran into a police station, Sly Place to be exact. On the wall, STARS had spraypainted that this was their Training Facility. I thanked god as I made my way in, and took a break, searching around the station I got my hands on a flare gun. It wasn't much good for attacking, but it would help if I needed assistance. Searching the Station again, I secured another firearm, this pistol with 5 rounds remaining. Feeling good about what I had found so far, I headed east to try and find the STARS Hq and see if I could get some back-up. Passing through a cemetary I ran into multiple hostiles. The undead didn't get a chance to attack me, but I was able to hit the enemy with 2 shots before running out of ammunition. I mistook my Flare gun for a pistol and used it as a weapon on the zombies, missing horribly. Tired, and feeling defeated, I made my way back to Sly Place Police Depot for some rest before I continued on. One last search of the Station turned up a flak jacket. I chuckled when I found it, and put it on under my BDUs. Finally, I dozed off in the station, safe from attack, atleast, so I hoped.

Entry B

I had heard that the Headquarters of STARS was nearby, so I headed out there. Much to my surprise, (Rendered Illegible from bloodstains on the page) barricaded. Right now, I'm really tired, so I'm gonna rest and (There is a scribble on the page aong with more bloodstains)

Day 13, Sept 29/06

I have neglected to write in my journal for quite some time, But I finally made it to the USCMC CP in Shearbank. I was tasked with finding a USCMC target. I felt like a hitman when I found him in a nearby bank. I shot him with a shotgun, the finished him off with my handgun. I can't say it felt good to kill him, but he was an enemy of the USCMC, and it was my job. I gotta sleep now, I'll write again..

Day 14, Sept 30/06

I dont have much to write today, Made a quick sweep-patrol around the CP, and shot at a Zed scout. Heard something from a guy in the Corps too, his name was Ham something, anyways theres this alliance of Zeds coming to Shearbank. So I guess I'd better prepare for some crazy fighting.

Day 15, Oct 01/06

I made a quick supply run today at Farrent Crescent PD. Got a shotgun shell so I loaded my shotgun up. I patrolled what is now designated as 'the thin dead line' and on my way back came across a ground of 9 zombies which looked like they were attacking a survivor. I do think I'm a pretty great fighter and all, but going against 9 zombies with two shotgun rounds is something more along the lines of suicidal. I'm going to report the mass-zombie sighting to the CO, and rest up for another patrol tomorrow.

Day 17, Oct 03/06

I thought I'd rest a bit more than usual so I could get a good start today. And sure enough, I did. I made a supply run to the PDs in Shearbank, Farrant and the other one, 'L' something. Anyways, I found a shotgun and some ammo. Lucky me. I also got some med kits for any wounded buddies we have around here. I'll be patching up wounded now, so I'd best end this entry.

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