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Although I hold by the Dual Nature policy, I consider myself to be otherwise unaligned. My zombie characters do work with The Dead, but that's part and parcel of them being zombies.

Additionally, I have no favourite suburb. They're all equally pretty, to me.

I currenly play:

  • Marjorie Schwen
  • Marie Olympus
    • Current Status: zombie (Civilian) alive dead again, thanks to some twit who hates The Dead, whether their members are zombies or not (will update this with names, soon as I can remember who it was) thanks to some wonderful person with a Necrotech syringe. Currently lurking around Kinch Heights. Will attack any zombies when spotted.
    • Former haunts: Gatcombeton, helping shred the barricades at Calvert Mall; East Boundwood.
  • Martha Striker
    • Current Status: zombie (Necrotech employee) Alive, and living on the east side of Paynerton.
  • Judith Masters
Dual nature.JPG Dual Nature
This user supports the
Dual Nature Policy.
Mylittlepony.gif Pretty pony!
This user believes that all of the suburbs are equally pretty, and that heroic last stands for the sake of holding on to your favorite mall or library against hordes of 1500+ zombies are a waste of good brains.
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