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Officer Mark William Hazzyrd was just assigned to the Malton City Police Force when the disaster at Necrotech occured. Seeing that conditions were rapidly deteriating and that it wouldn't be long before his own Police Department would fall to the recently deceased, he struck out on his own.

Quickly discovering that surviving in Malton was a slim prospect with just himself to count on, he struck a freindship with the enigmatic former musician Master B8. The two then made contact with the equally mysterious INSIGHT. Together, the three formed the fledgling group "VIVA LA HUMANITY."

As of October 7th, 2006, the group is currently relocating to a safer location to begin its recruitment drive.

Officer Hazzyrd has been seen patrolling the streets of North Blythville and slowly weeding out the zombie hordes that have been recently showing up there. The sound of his trusty shotgun Bubba has been heard on more than one occasion, accompanied by the thud of a decayed body.

Vital Stats

Age: 25 Occupation: Police Officer Height: 6'1" Weight: 204 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue

Zombie Kills: 7

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