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A longtime politico in Malton before the outbreak, he was brought down in a sting operation conducted by 'The Man'. As such he was out of a job at the time of the outbreak. Once the outbreak began, zeds ate all of the council members of the Rolt Heights city council. Being the ever shrewd politician that he is, Marrion decided to enlist as a volunteer firefighter in hopes of coming across as a man of the people who was protecting them from the zombie onslaught. This move satisfied two desires, bloodlust and re-gaining the mayorship of Rolt Heights. Since his 2010 revival, Marion has renounced his intent to run for elected office, thinking that the State is evil and that "The Man" set him up. Between killing LOD members and random Zed's he can be found sleeping in parks in cardboard boxes, in junkyards, or squatting in random buildings. On July 9th 2010, Marrion has quit BDH as the group was no longer active and also has quit as mayor of Rolt Hieghts. This experience has made him upset with human kind and has dedicated his life to that of a zombie, as he has grown accustomed to human flesh

Personal Information

Name: Marrion Barry
Age: Old
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4"
Weight: Varies, depends on intake of fried foods and substances.
Profession: Deranged axe weilding ex-politico of Malton.
Group: None
Location: Rolt Heights?
Likes: Power
Dislikes: The man, and Pantomimes (esp. French ones)
Favorite Foods: Everything on a Checker's menu, marrionberries, beer

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