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The Notes of Martin Kane

While hiding in an abandoned building you find an old tattered notebook. On the first page you read:

These are the notes of Martin Kane.

Though you can barely make out the scrawly handwriting you turn to the next page...


Martin Kane

  • scientist working for NecroTech since 01-29-2009
  • Mobile Technician at NecroWatch since 01-06-2011

Post-its etc.

NecroWatch.png NecroWatch
Martin Kane is a NecroTechnician who works with NecroWatch to monitor Malton's NecroNet system. Martin Kane has proven his dedication to the pursuit of truth and knowledge.

we are human, after all.
flesh uncovered, after all.
we are human, after all.
much in common, after all.


17:39, 6 January 2011 (UTC)

After a two days' rest in St. Matheos's Hospital (Kempsterbank) decided to head out and check the branch in The Dobbs Building. Found it barricaded and in fine condition. Was able to access NecroNet and updated the NecroWatch database. Going to search for some supplies now.

23:01, 7 January 2011 (UTC)

Made a few DNA extractions in Kempsterbank while scouting the east end of the suburb. Spotted 15 zombies in front of the Julie General Hospital (Kempsterbank) and a few more in the surrounding areas. The Jillard Building seems to be unoccupied. Uploaded my NecroNet scans to NecroWatch. No specimens at the Revivification Points (Ebbutt Road, Ware Walk (Kempsterbank).



ForScience.gif Martin Kane's Ribbons
NecroTechnician - Rank 1
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