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Hi if you've come here your either part of the MMS which than I say good to see you taking a look at my wiki page, I hope to see you fill my wiki page with some talkitive thingies. If your just a person wanting to look or comment than hi too.

A few rules about my wiki page

1. Do not edit any information on this page except for the comment or MMS information areas.

2. Do not use my wiki page as a place to comment negativly on rival groups or people.

3. Try and put some humor into what you say I'm not a very serious person and i like to have fun.

            Important Notices           /          MMS Information Notices    
           (of various impotantness)          /   (Some info is disclosed for protection of 
  I am currently positioned in Roftwood  /     (the group and the areas survivors)  
  in Eligius Hospital.                  /
  I am part of the Malton Medical Staff  /
   a group dedicated to bringing humor and    /                                       
            healing to everyone               /

                   (1 rule: leave date, time, and name along with comment)
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