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Giffard pub.jpeg Publican
This user owns the Giffard Arms Pub - drop in sometime for chat and excessive whiskey!

At A Glance

Name: Matson Jade (Not really)

Age: Thirty-ish?

Birthplace: Surrey, UK

Strengths: High physical condition, military combat veteran, highly qualified mechanical and electronic engineer. Some experience of battlefield medicine. Recent expertise acquired in "necrotech" microbiology. Fantastic sense of humour and fashion.

Weaknesses: Stubbornness, refusal to yield in the face of overwhelming odds.

Loves: Good whiskey, and his new family.

Hates: The prospect of going back into a wheelchair.


Fair hair and a cheeky grin. Hawaiian shirt a must.


Matson Jade was born in the county of Surrey, UK. He joined the British Army, in the Corps of Royal Engineers, and had a distinguished and upstanding military career. After being injured in a bomb attack, and subsequently rendered paraplegic, he was honourably discharged and received a great deal of compensation. After spending a few years in a wheelchair and accepting his disability, he decided to take the small fortune he had saved, and tour the world.

By fateful chance and divine cockup, he happened to arrive in Malton at time of the Malton Incident. Being wheelchair-bound he did not have much of a chance initially, and was soon killed. His rotting corpse was hauled into a Necrotech building, dragging its useless legs behind it. A kindly scientist revived him, and the glittering serum reconstructed his damaged spinal cord. Two days later, Matson Jade stood for the first time in years.

Overjoyed at this new lease of life, he took to the zombie hunter life, drifting from safehouse to safehouse and doing his bit to keep the zed population down. After relearning his rusty military skills in full, honing his structural engineering and enjoying his legs as an amateur free runner, he decided to branch out into science and medicine, gradually picking up the basic principles of Undead Cytobiology and Medicine. After a while, he tired of merely scraping a living in the chaos: he decided to settle down. At the same time he came across the Giffard Arms public house.

Matson found a lockbox under the smashed bar. Within was all the paperwork he required - Warranty Deeds, Liquor Licences, the works - All blank. The previous owner had, upon the outbreak, decided to leave his pub to whomever wanted to claim it, and had filled in and locked up the paperwork accordingly. Matson filled in the documents and set to work refurbishing his new pub.