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Matt Aries
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Whatever is said or done while playing Matt Aries is 100% role play. If I offend you it is not the purpose. I no longer player kill, if you feel you must PK me you will find it extremely boring for you as I will not report it nor will I retaliate.

Matt Aries2.jpg
Character Name: Matt Aries
Creation Date: "2008-03-12 10:16:56"
Group: NONE
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: "290lbs"
Hair Color: "brown matted with dried blood and greasy"
Eye Color: "brown and bloodshot"
Skin Type: "Caucasian" (Stained red by blood)
Description Survivor: "A psychotic reformed killer clown suffering from split personality disorder."
Description Zombie: "Just another undead clown."
Wearing: "a blood-soaked clown mask, a blood-soaked black jumpsuit, a blood-soaked pair of steel toe clown shoes."
Quote: "Without pain, how can one really appreciate all the good in the world. Pain is life."
Fantastic Article on UD:
New History: "A man of a fractured mind, has been revived, knowing nothing of the deeds done or the horror that were by his hands. A new personality emerges. One of certainty, stubbornness, filled with a code of honor, loyalty, and to take the fight to every undead in Malton."
The Mind Behind Matt Aries: "Matt Aries was a character I created that came out of boredom. Some days I wanted to play UD and didn't feel like being a good guy or being a zombie, so I decided to be whatever suited me for the moment. I could play 1 character with "multiple personalities" and it can be whatever I felt like doing at that moment. I got into PKing as a accident. I was retaliating a PK on Matt from Headless Gunner who someone reported me for it. From there the character took life all it's own. Many things I did in game were seen as me being a asshole. I saw it as a game nothing more, but, others took it to heart as if I actually tried to kill the real them. It brought new life into a game for me that I felt was getting stale. Many things I was actually given credit for doing wasn't even me. However who was going to believe someone that was in some eyes hated. If you were one of these victims, understand it's just a game. If you took offense, I am sorry. If you found it at least entertaining, I thank you and glad I could do so. Please understand it's role play nothing personal or serious even."


Kyocera-iridium-phone.jpg DSS Satellite Phone
Matt Aries has a DSS Satellite Phone and may be reached at 897-5951.
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I have read the story of Matt Aries

and all I can say is ... that guy is batshit crazy!

The Malton Insane Asylum
Entrance Hallway
a carpark
2176 zombie
a carpark
4823 zombie
a carpark
2087 zombie
You are Matt Aries. You have 1 Hit Point and 1337 Experience Points. You have 1 Action Point remaining.

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You are outside of The Malton Insane Asylum Entrance Hallway, dead bodies line the three steps leading up to the doorway. The building's doors have been left wide open, and you can see that the interior of the building has been ruined. You are the only survivor.

Somebody has spraypainted al$ dead in%ide onto a wall. The graffiti has been obscured by smears of gore. Their are 57 dead bodies here.

You peer out and realize your escape is blocked.

You hear moaning 1 block to the South (now)
You hear moaning 1 block to the South East (now)
You hear moaning 1 block to the South West (now)
Possible actions:
Enter Search the area
Rubber Chicken Aluminum Baseball Bat (slightly dented)

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