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You peer at the blood-spattered survivor, trying to get a closer look at his face. Before you can, he smacks you over the head with a half-empty bottle of whiskey. You are dead. Possible actions: Stand up (this costs 10AP)

Caiger Mall

Well, it fell. And I watched the whole thing, dashing back and forth between St. Izzy's and the famous Mall. Over a few short weeks, the greatest survivor stronghold fell to the ShackNews horde. I did a lot of reporting, sacrificing a much-needed revive for the oppurtunity to watch the action. And the bloody mall went down. I didn't even have the Barricade skill yet, so I couldn't help out.

But the Mall is not entirely dead. The good old Caiger Mall Survivors are planning to re-take it, but I strongly doubt it will happen. It's worth a shot, even so. Once I've gathered enough XP and grabbed the 'cading skill, I'll be there.

UD profiles

I've got three accounts. They go nowhere near each other.

Matthew Myers [1]

My main account. Thanks to Decimator of Undead for giving me that much-needed revive outside St. Izzy's. I'd been waiting for it ever since the start of the third siege.

Cmslogo1.jpg Caiger Mall Survivor
This user or group assisted in defending Caiger Mall on one or more occasions.

Thaumologist [2]

The second account I created; a NecroTech employee. Now dead, and wandering the streets at random. I'll usually punch lone zombies, just for the pitiful 4XP, then run away. Great fun.

Klonopinz [3]

My third account; this one a zombie to begin with. Ironically, it was combat-revived about a day later. I spent two days' worth of AP clicking "Search" in a police station, and then a fire station. As a result, this account's got all the weapons and whatnot.

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