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While the wiki community attempts to work on the basis of encouragement and cooperation, there are occasions where wiki users find themselves unable to reach accord. In the event of this happening, the Arbitration Team may be called upon to intervene, and attempt to find a reasonable compromise that, while perhaps not satisfying both parties, may at least assist in defusing the situation, thanks to the unbiased third party.

Guidelines for Arbitration Requests

In assisting in Arbitration, we generally suggest that both parties agree to the Arbitration and a common Arbitrator. If there's no agreement, then a Sysop may choose to be the Arbitrator himself or pick an Arbitrator for the case. When electing an Arbitrator we strongly recommend choosing users as unrelated as possible to any of the parties over more experienced ones. If one of the parties chooses to ignore or mock the case without following due process, then the case would be concluded without that user's input. It's considered very poor form to ignore or mock a case, and this may be grounds for a harsher conclusion by the ruling Arbitrator.

Any Arbitration request should provide at least the following:

  • The aggrieved parties. Either person vs person, or [list of people] vs [list of people].
  • The reason for the arbitration. This should very specifically be without reference to people, as that information has already been provided. It should be a short paragraph indicating the causes of the aggrievement, and why both parties feel it requires arbitration
  • Any pages affected by the aggrievement. This should be a simple list of links.

Once the Arbitration commences, the Arbitrator will request statements from all parties involved. Any evidence to back up one's statement should be provided in link form. Each party will then have an opportunity to rebut their opponent's statement. During this process is forbidden to users not directly related to the case to make any comments. After these two steps, the Arbitrator will then consider the case, reach a conclusion, and determine the outcome that is required. There are two types of sanctions an Arbitrator can give to any of the parties involved:

  • Vandal escalations: They consist of an escalation of the vandal warnings/bannings status an user may have.
  • Page and contact limitations: They consist on barring users from all the pages the Arbitrator believes they shouldn't participate for whatever ammount of time he/she believe is needed, and bar users from personally refer or contact each other for any ammount of time as well.

Finally, the ruling should be endorsed by a Sysop that will review the punishments and limitations not to be exaggerated (i.e. an Arbitrator barring an user to participate on any administrational and community page on the wiki forever would be unwarranted no matter what the case is about) and deliver any warnings/bannings deemed necessary by the Arbitrator according to his ruling and current policy.

By requesting an Arbitration, all parties are thus obliged to accept the outcome of the Arbitration. Not doing so will be considered vandalism, and such vandalism attempts will be treated as if the vandal has already received two warnings. Note that this sanction can be delivered by any Sysop, not only the one that endorsed the violated Arbitration ruling.


After the Arbitration is over, it will then be moved to an archive page. As publicly accessible pages, they may be used to establish precedent in further, applicable cases.

The current archive page is

The previous Arbitration archives:

Current Arbitrators

The following users have placed their hand up as users who are willing to be contacted to act as an Arbitrator. The role of Arbitrator is not restricted to the Moderation Team; any user can be contacted as an Arbitrator and use this page for the arbitration, so long as both parties agree to the Arbitrator. Users who wish to place their hand up as an Arbitrator should place their name below on the list, using *{{usr|YourUserPage}}

Also note that not all listed Arbitrators are active on the Wiki.

Available Arbitrators in Alphabetical Order

Arbitration Cases Currently Under Consideration

There are currently no cases under consideration