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Here you can see the suggestions I made (or remade) and posted on the Suggestions Page, and a resume (in my POV) of each one of them, starting on how I came up with the idea and finishing with how they ended up on the hands of these harsh critics that wiki users are.

Frightening Touch

This suggestion was my first big edit on the Wiki, being the first ones not longer than 2 sentences. Inspired on games like Resident Evil (Biohazard) and in the little of zombie movies that I have seen, I wanted to translate the "surprise grabs" zombies usually do there on the UD universe. After a little thinking, I wrote the first version of this, made some slight changes (mostly grammar and spelling ones, because I'm not an expert english speaker) and submited it on the Suggestions page. Looks like the page was having a bad time, with more than 3 days straight of spam, and my suggestion broke the spell. A huge success, got to Peer Reviewed with 39 Keep, 3 Kill/Spam votes.

Timestamp: 06:48, 12 July 2006 (BST)
Type: New zombie action
Scope: Dead zombies with Tangling Grasp skill
Description: As most of us have seen on zombie movies, or even zombie games, these nasty creatures tend to awake of their corpse-like state in the less pleasant moments, grabbing on the legs of shocked passing by survivors and eating the contents. So, to translate this into game, without suggesting something like "WTF NINJA ZOMBIES!!", any dead zombie (by dead zombie i mean dead body, but not revivifying corpses) that have already purchased the "Tangling Grasp" skill can, by a dropbox next to the "stand up" button, automatically grab hold of any survivor on the same square with 100% success rate and no extra AP cost than the normal "stand up" cost (10 normally, 1 with Anke grab, and adding 5 if headshot). When you grab the survivor, its the same as if you grabbed hold of him by clawing it, no special attributes, and the survivor gets a notification like this: "As you stand between the corpses, your heart stops as one of them grasps on your leg! A zombie grabs hold of you" (with the "a zombie" words linked to the zombie profile as usual).

At first i thought about this ability triggering with the normal "stand up" button, grabbing the top survivor of the stack, but as i thought of it more, zombies that only want a revive wont want to grab hold of scientist menacingly, as that wuold reduce their chances of a friendly response (altough i must confess the image of a zombie grabbing the scientist from his coat and desperately requesting "Mrh? Mrh?" made me laugh at first). So, in resume, if this gets implemented any dead body (again: not revivifying corpses) with the Tangling Grasp skill will have, next to his "stand up" button, another button (possibly "Grab") with a dropbox.

This ability adds flavour to the game, makes playing a zombie more fun, does NOT unbalance the game at all (the zombie only grabs hold of a survivor, doesnt damage him for free or anything, and tell me for real: how often do you log in with your zombie to find it dead with a survivor in the same square?), and my goldfish like it. Anything else?


Barricades improvements for both sides

After the success of Frightening Touch, I (maybe lamentably) got the confidence to write a mayor suggestion, one that could change the course of the game. Studying the whole Malton scenario (I'm like that), I was decided to make a newbie zombie's life as easy as it is for newbie survivors. I came up with an idea, that later I found out that was part of another Peer Reviewed suggestion, but mine was studied intensely and balanced like hell, and the balancing idea was even bigger and carried more consecuences that the desired effect anyways. When posted, people complained about the lenght of the suggestion (I admit it now, it was unnecesarily lenghty) and killed it for numerous reasons, almost contradictory sometimes (some thought it was unbalanced in favor of zombies, others in favor of survivors). It got almost unanimously killed, but not spamminated, thing that inspired me a deep respect for the Wiki community. And altough it just made 1 keep (besides mine), people agreed that it was one of the best barricade suggestions saw on the suggestion's page. A proud failure, waiting to be moved to Peer Rejected with 18 Kills, 2 Keeps, 1 Spam.

Timestamp: 06:48, 12 July 2006 (BST)
Type: Game mechanics, new skill
Scope: Barricades and Zombies
Description: In this point in the development of Urban Dead, to be a newbie zombie (being it being killed as a survivor or starting at corpse class, because theres not much difference at all) is painful. Unless you're lucky and can keep up the tracks of some big horde like the RRF or The Shining Ones resorting to metagaming (something that most newbie players dont know of), or the even less frequent event of a survivor standing in the open, you're reduced to some kind of cannibal being, feeding on your kind. The only way to gain experience as a zombie is combat, and every survivor is unreachable for the common of the newbie zeds, being them behind buildings barricaded to the level of at least very strong+2. This cannibal status, punished in game with half experience and out of game with the obviously twisted morality of the act, plunge most zombie players in a state of depression, uneasiness of mind (talking seriously), explaining why most of them just give up or resort to the nearest revive point to play the fun side of the game: survivors. Heck, survivors only are PKers if they choose so, not like newbie zeds!!

Let me emphasize what a barricade means to a new born zombie: the absolute impediment to reach your objective, to do what you're supposed to do: eat brains. You have to cultivate at least 3 skills until you can really bash trough them: Memories of Life, Vigour Mortis and Death Grip; and in any survivor-ruled suburb, zombies get no experience at all, standing up after a headshot only to walk amongst deserted, or best said corpse filled, streets until they get headshot again. Correct me if im wrong, but even the most crazy of the trenchcoater, level 1 firefighter, can make a trip to Ridleybank, bash Petrosjko (no offense) head a couple of times and die honorably with 30 "hard earned" experience points in a day of "hard work". If you try to bash trough barricades without those 3 skill, you will run out of AP half way and log on next time with full barricades built again, and what have you won? Nothing.

After this short monologue, that i hope enlightens even the most hardened sights of survivor-only players, i have this suggestion, or rather 2 merged suggestions that if submited separated get spamminated, but together... you will choose with your vote.

I propose that every succesfull hit that a zombie lands on a barricade ("You smash at the barricade. Part of it collapses.") grants the zombie 2 points of experience. That will be an average of 25 points of experience every 50 AP with maxed skills, 17,5 to beginner corpses (or just anyone with Vigour Mortis and not Death Grip) and 12,5 for a slayed survivor (no zombie skills). Enough (i think) to grant newbie ferals a more etic, helpful way to gain experience than cannibalism, that grants maxed zombies an average of 30 experience per 50 AP (Tangling Grasp could improve this rate a bit but it seems to be ineffective against fellow zombies). Take on account that a healer gets around 62 experience every 50 AP granted for them that they search for FAKs on a powered hospital (and im saying a powered hospital, not requiring any skill, not even shopping or bargain hunting that can easily boost that quantity on a powered Mall), and that bashing barricades is as critical and vital for a zombie than healing for survivors.

Now, if i were just rooting mindlessly for zombies, i wuold let this suggestion just as it is. But imagine... this gets implemented ( =D ). Now, what would us have? 31% (i made the calc) of the zombies are either level 1, 2 or 3. Lets assume than 1/3 of them are searching for revives, and the other 2/3 are training (most of them, sincerely, practicing cannibalism). Imagine that only half of them, not them all just half, starts bashing barricades for XP. It will be zmobaggedon! 1500+ zombies starting to bash trough chairs, planks of wood, tables, refrigerators and finally a friendly veteran open the door. If siege tactics like Guides:The_Mall_Defence_Manifesto count with zombies getting bored of getting no experience bashing barricades and then leaving, it wuoldnt work anymore. To tell the truth it is fair, now both sides dont get bored (not that much) anymore. But surviving will be harsh. So, i propose that every Large Building that have the main disvantage of when a zombie enters it can move freely to any of its squares, to have extra levels of barricades to counterbalance that disvantage, and for these leves to be implemented as follows: It has been reported than barricades can be built up to the level of Extremely Heavy+4 (And if anyone doubts that a barricade can be built beyond Extremely Heavy+0, today i smashed a barricade from Extremely Heavy+2 to Quite Strongly, and i know it was EH+2 because i succesfully smashed it two times and it was still Extremely Heavy in the building description). Anyways, to barricade up to that level is next to impossible even with your two best friends zerg_1 and zerg_2 (joke), so i propose that the max level to be cut to EH+2 (hard but possible to do even for 1 person alone) and to create a new skill: Fortify (player is able to fortify large buildings) to be placed under Construction at the normal value (100XP). This skill will make you able to barricade up to 8 new levels. The first 4 will add to the building description the legend to "The building has been Extremely Fortified", and further fortifying will change the description to "The building has been Imposingly Fortified". Their mechanics will be the same as barricades, and as said before they will only apply to Large buildings. The difficult rate at fortify is to set up by Kevan, as well as if any modification is needed to the normal rates of barricading, because he's the only one that knows the success rate of normal barricading. To start fortifying, you have to be on a large building and the building have to be EH+2; when it is, or if you bring it up to EH+2, the "Barricade the building" button will change to "Fortify the building", and you can start to fortify it. Every time you fortify succesfuly, it can say something like "You find some ropes and secure the barricades with it" or if you fail it can says something like "you fail to find something to strenghten the existing barricades", to represent that there's no more place to put things on the barricade, and the only thing you can do is secure it trough ropes, cables or maybe nails (i'm not creative enough to give you 5 sentences for fail and 5 for success, so dont ask).

So, thats it. The first part alone (bashing barricades giving XP) i saw something when i was new to the wiki that i think that wuold be a dupe or almost a dupe, but this one is carefully (and painfully) calculated . The second one (the "Fortify" skill), i didnt find anything like that anywhere, let me know if i didnt search enough. Both of the merged suggestions are there to the only purpose of making a newbie zombie playable (as i consider it is not in the present day). If you consider one of this suggestions is good and the other one is not, let me know so i submit it alone. This suggestion wont be as popular as my "Frightening Touch" suggestion, it is quite controversial, but if something here seems workable, that can be saved, and i have all the time of the world to further think how to fix whatever you find flawed. Thanks if you readed all the suggestion, and if not, dont vote =) .


Non-combat experience reajustment

I made this suggestion as a revision of another one, posted by a different author, because I tough that it had merit and just needed slight changes. Strangely enough, the people that promised to vote keep if changes were made did not, and then this went to hell. Weird failure, waiting to go to Peer Rejected with 10 Keep, 13 Kill, 23 Total.

Timestamp: 06:48, 12 July 2006 (BST)
Type: balance change
Scope: Survivors
Description: Several days ago a suggestion was made saying that almost all non-combat actions should grant no experience. It was a good suggestion IMO, but it nerfed DNA extractors. The submitter didn't resubmit it with the requested changes, so im doing it. Im going to keep most of the original text as it was on the original version, so don't just vote Dupe because you think its a dupe (doh). It a resubmission, nothing else, of XP Gain Issues made by Savat

Both Zombies and Humans gain XP equivalent to the damage they do to an “enemy�? (halved if the attack is on an “ally,�?) plus a 10 point bonus for making the final kill.

However, Humans can also gain 5 points for healing either a zombie or a human with a FAK, 4 points for using a DNA extractor on a zombie, a whopping 10 points for reviving a zombie, 1-2 XP for spray painting a message in certain places, 1 for dumping bodies out side, 1 point for repairing a ransacked building, and a 10% chance of gaining either 1 or 2 points of XP from reading a book (depending on if they are a scientist or not.)

Many attempts have been made to try to balance this by giving alternative ways for zombies to gain XP. All of these have been Rejected so far. So in response, I suggest that the XP gain on already beneficial skills and tasks be removed to some degree.

For instance: Combat will be left alone even though zombies are still being short-changed by the fact that humans are often hidden behind barricades and zombies are forced to attack each other, however this is the core of the game so it must stay.

Reviving zombies will also not be touched, even though any smart military would see bringing zombies back to life to help fight off the remaining ones as priority one, but as it is the only way to allow zombies the chance to play as a human without making a new character.

Book XP can stay to help keep the humans from getting cabin fever and start killing the other survivors, while they are hiding behind their barricades.

DNA extractors should still gain XP since they are the only means to level up for a whole class (the Necrotech class).

Tagging Should not get XP as it is a way to leave a lasting message for your allies/enemies to see.

Repairing a Ransacked building so it will be possible for you to barricade it and easier to find needed equipment should not be a source for XP too.

And lastly, Dumping bodies that could potentially stand up and attack you again while you are busy fixing your broken barricades should not be an XP source.

The main logic on wich this suggestion is based is that the "nerfed" actions should not grant experience as the consecuences itself of these are reason enough to carry them on.


Spot Spraypainter

Another of these suggestion's that I made as a revision of someone else's suggestion. But the fact is that the great ammount of Spam/Kill votes I got can't be explained by simple logic. The original author made a survivor-anti-PK-biased suggestion, that defended "official" graffity and spammed everyone's screen, and it got 21 Keeps of 38 Total. My version that was more realistic and that keept the highly steemed spraypainter anonimity, got a really lower ammount of Keep votes... and most of the Spam/Kills were because the same spraypainter anonimity that I defended (in comparison to the other suggestion). So this is an extremely weird failure, will go to Peer Rejected with 8 Keep, 16 Kill/Spam votes.

Timestamp: 06:48, 12 July 2006 (BST)
Type: Game Mechanics
Scope: Survivors
Description: Basically if this gets implemented, the 20% most active people in a building (rounding down) will be notified of any spraypanting that happens on the same location as they are, like this: "Some guy spraypainted something over the wall" (this could be changed depending on if it’s inscribed on a school's blackboard, on a graveyard’s tombstone, etc.). So, there has to be at least 5 people in a building (besides yourself) for someone to spot you spraypainting.

This makes sense as people spraypainting, while not making themselves notorious, tend not to get away with their doings if there are crowds of people where they do their deeds. People that like to make "stealth" graffiti will have to take on account the number of people that is present (as in real life) and most of them will prefer to do that on the streets to go unnoticed (as in real life too).

Note: I do not care much about "official" graffiti, and this ability doesn’t support it. We all know that if a group has numbers enough to be majority on some location, their graffiti is the one that will hold the most anyways.