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Yessir, I'm a user.

Borehamwood Maps

Borehamwood is a limited-time playing field with no revival possible. The zombies are still in the minority, but sure to increase! [1]

This section has a tinyurl:

Duke Garland has created a thorough map at: User:Duke_Garland/BHW. I was inspired to do the same, thinking about how I could improve on it. So I wrote a number of scripts that largely automated the process for producing a thorough map (see below). He has (at least once) merged my map with his own. Since he has access to some private data that I don't, Duke's map became considerably more complete. I have, however, now merged his data back with mine, allowing us to correct errors and creating the most complete map possible. We're now done!

My Maps

Because of the many restrictions on web pages in the wiki, the maps are free-hosted elsewhere: so you can view the entire map on one page.

Here are the current maps as an html web page. Only 12 blocks remain unknown, and they are impossible to discover (in the deep river). We are done! There are two versions:

  • iwmap.html 9000 blocks (94%) 465K (Iwitness and equivalent records ONLY)
  • mmap.html 9592 blocks (99.8%) 485K (iwmap merged with Duke's published data)

The second map has its own tinyurl:

The current maps incorporate ALL public iWitness reports collected through 10pm EST Dec 6.

Individual suburb maps are also up:

Radlett Northwest North Northeast Countryside (East)
Countryside (West) West Central East
Elstree Southwest South Southeast

You can help! Simply install the javascript bookmarklet [2] for publishing Iwitness records, then publish records as you wander around Borehamwood (particularly outside!). You don't have to tell me about it -- my scripts will find the records (PUBLIC only!) and add them to the database!

Iwitness will fail if a deep river is in view, or you are standing on one of the other new terrains that did not exist when the Iwitness code was written, such as a road or golf course. In such cases I have resorted to saving the page source from my web browser (View > Page Source on Firefox). If you want to send me such data, leave me a note or link on my discussion page.

A preview to give you an idea: Borehamwood-map-preview.png


Just for fun, here's a list of all the names used in Borehamwood.

Statistics on terrains and suburbs are also on the map pages linked above. However, there's one caveat regarding the terrain statistics: early data that I and others collected was not automated, and styles information was not collected. In particular, there are three different styles of fields, and four different styles of streets. In my database, I used picked just one style each to incorporate that data: c1 for streets, and c67 for fields. Those two styles, therefore, are inflated in the statistics. Blocks from that early data are marked uncertain in my database and will be replaced by any data that continues to come in through Iwitness.

There are 9592 blocks known.

terrain style number (frequency)
a field (b c50) 995 (10.4%)
a field (b c67) 973 (10.2%)
a field (b c66) 944 (9.8%)
X Street (b c1) 592 (6.2%)
X Street (b c33) 518 (5.4%)
the X Building (b c2) 436 (4.5%)
X Street (b c0) 423 (4.4%)
X Street (b c5) 411 (4.3%)
wasteland (b c8) 365 (3.8%)
woodland (b c57) 355 (3.7%)
a river (b c76) 222 (2.3%)
X Hospital (b c9) 177 (1.8%)
X School (b c36) 170 (1.8%)
X Bank (b c21) 164 (1.7%)
Club X (b c27) 162 (1.7%)
The X (b c10) 161 (1.7%)
X Towers (b c17) 152 (1.6%)
the X Monument (b c28) 150 (1.6%)
the X Hotel (b c30) 148 (1.5%)
a factory (b c18) 147 (1.5%)
a river (b c85) 145 (1.5%)
X Fire Station (b c13) 144 (1.5%)
X Police Station (b c12) 144 (1.5%)
X Park (b c4) 140 (1.5%)
X Garage (b c15) 137 (1.4%)
the X Library (b c11) 137 (1.4%)
a warehouse (b c38) 136 (1.4%)
the X Museum (b c34) 136 (1.4%)
a carpark (b c3) 129 (1.3%)
a road (b c61) 120 (1.3%)
a railway line (b c80) 98 (1%)
a junkyard (b c29) 82 (0.9%)
X Church (b c7) 81 (0.8%)
X Cinema (b c14) 71 (0.7%)
a petrol station (b c82) 69 (0.7%)
a cemetery (b c37) 47 (0.5%)
a cornfield (b c56) 35 (0.4%)
a yard (b c54) 13 (0.1%)
a supermarket (b c79) 10 (0.1%)
X Mall (b c6) 8 (0.1%)
a golf course (b c64) 7 (0.1%)
a country house (b c77) 4 (0%)
a ruined abbey (b c84) 4 (0%)
the runs (b c73) 3 (0%)
a clearing (b c58) 3 (0%)
the offices (b c71) 2 (0%)
Elstree golf club (b c65) 2 (0%)
some stables (b c55) 2 (0%)
a garage (b c53) 2 (0%)
a river lock (b c83) 2 (0%)
a barn (b c52) 2 (0%)
the garden (b c70) 2 (0%)
a farmhouse (b c51) 2 (0%)
a garden (b c63) 1 (0%)
the diary room (b c75) 1 (0%)
a railway station (b c81) 1 (0%)
the control room (b c72) 1 (0%)
a boathouse (b c78) 1 (0%)
the eviction area (b c74) 1 (0%)
X Railway Station (b c35) 1 (0%)
the Big Brother lounge (b c69) 1 (0%)

More stats are coming, and some fun maps as well!

Top 20 Iwitness record contributors:

LOG: 2828 iwitness records (files) processed.
 #     id=     name                   records
  1  1388011   Mulhall                   678
  2  1407232   Schiaparelli              470
  3  1391683   Tronton Foosh             229
  4  1389521   cjo9921                   222
  5  1388623   Gerry Thompson            210
  6  1391040   Jack Fakename             167
  7  1388720   Taira Y                    97
  8  1389314   St Gelasius                73
  8  1391933   Dead Guppy                 73
 10  1388630   Theresa Jones              69
 11  1388191   Phoenix W                  57
 11  1386677   Simon Daniels              57
 13  1389769   Whoosh17                   39
 14  1388282   Barbie Allen               37
 15  1391772   Duncan Ballantyne          24
 15  1388286   Haunting Hetty             24
 17  1388464   MooseLoose                 19
 17  1405829   Charles Redgrey            19
 17  1388522   Gwen C                     19
 20  1394333   Demon Spark                16

Mapping Tools

The tools have the following features:

  • collect full 9-square map data (coordinates and terrain) from each record
  • collect suburb name, CCTV presence, and spray-painted EYE data from each record, although these are not currently shown on the HTML map
  • summarize terrain types, suburb dimensions

I will be publishing these tools when I stop working on them. It's all in perl (with a couple shell scripts thrown in).

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