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Maverick's Advice for Survivors

  • Spend time on the Wiki. There are tons of tools here, from maps to guides to simple scripting tools (like the numerous building status templates) that can help you and take almost no time at all to learn how to update. Contributing on the UDWiki helps everyone. Failure to do so will result in using you as zombie bait.
  • There is a "Speak" button in the UD interface. There are also items called mobile phones and radios. Kevan did not put them there just for kicks. Use them.
  • Have you ever watched a zombie movie? Ever noticed how almost every single time, the people who stay in one place end up getting eaten by the end of the film? Same thing applies here. Don't stay in one place; mobility is a huge asset, especially concerning large hordes.
  • Same applies for survivor groups. Unless you have a couple dozen people in your group, it's not a good idea to base yourself in a single suburb. You restrict yourself too much. If you don't want to roam over the entire city of Malton, pick out a little chunk (4-6 suburbs) to stay mobile in. Plan on a safehouse or two in each and keep moving.
  • DO NOT run out into the street with guns/axe/knife/fists and start attacking zombies. All you're doing is wearing a neon sign that says, "EAT ME!". If you want to be a zombie that badly, just jump out of a building.
  • RULE OF THUMB: Survivors should play defensively

Maverick's Advice for Zombies

  • Join a group. Lone zombies can do little other than beat away at barricaded buildings and munch on the random survivor caught outside.
  • With luck, the group you join will be at least moderately organized. If this is the case, congrats! You now have a 100% advantage over 95% of all survivors because most survivors are not [or are very poorly] organized.
  • If your group is not very organized, take some initiative and make it so. Small groups should probably focus their efforts on TRPs that are not often EHB and on choke points in the Free Running network. Large zombie groups have many more options at their disposal.
  • RULE OF THUMB: Zombies should play offensively


Maverick Farrant: Pro-survivor. Founder of the Order of the Black Rose. Usually overflowing with awesome.

Lord Pendragon: A classy chap who isn't afraid of hitting stupid people with his cane.

Nicolai Borsht: Russian zombie and harman brain connosseur.

Ongoing Work and References


Different names, same function. A place for me to play around with wiki code and make it do my bidding.


A list of things wiki-related that I'm working on not necessarily related to any of the above Sandbox projects.

- Create pages for district barricade plans
- Create appropriate links to above plans on suburb pages
- Edit barricade plan boilerplates to incorporate links to appropriate district plan
  • Super Secret Evil Scheme
- ...
- ...
- ...
- ...
- ...


Just a simple list of places on the wiki that I tend to visit frequently all in one convenient place.

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