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Nicolai Borsht


Nicolai Borsht
Level: 12
Group: Currently none
Role: Eating BRA!NS

Nicolai was the result of much prodding from zombie friends eager for me to create a zombie character, as well as a personal decision that it was time to start playing for the other side again. I had run a feral zombie for a few months back in 2008, but he eventually idled out due to RL time constraints and spending more time with Maverick Farrant and developing the Order of the Black Rose.

So, slacking aside... here is Nicolai and a future record of his exploits.


Nicolai woke up right after the failure that was ESCAPE. At the time, another of my alts was in Dunell Hills... and wouldn't you know it, Nicolai wakes up literally 2 blocks away. How does that happen?! Regardless, he took a cue from all the moaning and groaning and screaming and headed south...

Back story

To be filled in later

About Me
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