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FOXHOUND member, freedom fighter, "possessed " with one single goal: Human Survival and the complete destruction of Maltons zombie population at any cost!

recently recruited two new members in the suburb of Pitneybank: Max Low( Mean Jean revived him once) and the world famous yoga instructor turned zed killer Ass-pain. these three are the core members of FOXHOUND "P-bank"

As of reccently MJ has found out that Asspain has gone rogue and hasnt had any contact with him in over 5 months( I wonder if he's still doing Yoga or is it Pilates now?). MJ is currently in Ridleybank assisting the New malton Colossus in keeping ridleybank survivor friendly and stench free!Easier said than done but I will stay true to the task at hand!

Resupply missions are boring and tedious but the end result of kiling zeds by the busloads always brings a smile on my face! PS:remember never go out in a bunch of stenches by yourself. (unless you're bored and full of ammo and maxed on APs'!)

Blackmore Bastard Brigade.JPG Blackmore Bastard
The RRF has had to lay siege to its own NecroTech and this group sent the Bastards inside some reinforcements.

8/18/06 -

Rhodes2.JPG A Colossus Of Class
This user or group is part of the New Malton Colossus.
Bringing Glorious Battle to you since 2006.
KillpatheticBill.gif Hunt him down!
Pathetic Bill must be killed and sent back to hell, where he belongs!
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