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Subject 3 is male, standing approximately 6'4" and weighting approximately 150lbs. His hair
is a hazelnut brown and is wild and unkempt. While there appears to be no rhyme or reason
to the clothing Subject 3 has chosen to wear at any given time there seems to be a constant
in the cracked and blood stained hockey mask he is never seen without. On the inside of each
arm he bares tattoos of fifteen consecutive A's and across his throat is tattoo'd the word

Subject 3, or Meeso Sorry as he has come to call himself has completely broken free of all
restraints we have attempted to place on him. He has resisted the attempts to direct him
or to contain him to any known patterns. In fact, so strongly has he rebelled against our
controls that he has developed a belief system around the very concept of his resistance to
conformity. He has even gone so far as to worship a deity known as Rando, a being he
believes to be the personification of chaos and randomness...a being who's very concept is
the antithesis to all that we stand for.