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A quick thanks to Suicidal Angel for greeting me/giving me a little help with where siggys + timestamps go ^_^

Until i learn how to link to things, all I can do is just list my skills and stuff o.O

Soooo I guess about my Urban Dead experience, I'm currently a level 41 military guy who made the mistake of starting out as a 'private'. That pistol didn't last long, and I was a zombie for quite some time. Ah well ;)

Currently, I have every skill but brain rot purchased, though I might get it anyway just so I can get above level 41.

I dislike PKers, so after I get my ammo reserves back up, I might start bounty hunting. Also, there's one group I particulary dislike here...servants of the mistress or something? Necrophilia, pain, etc...I wonder how many enemies I'll make by putting this here, but if I see someone from that group, I'll fight and hopefully kill em.

All for now =P

And then I went to Suicidal Angel's user page and found out that he is a PKer and supports PKing.

Akward, isn't it?

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