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Codename: Megameh

Mega started life as a Young Lawyer by the name of Martin Kendall. He worked for a small firm in the suburb of Tollyton. He worked hard to build his small firm, but before he became successful the outbreak occurred. He roamed the streets for a while, equipped only with his tastefully designed suit, and an ax he found in an abandoned Fire Department. He wandered the land, going from building to building, place to place. Martin followed group “The Band Styx” on their tour for a while…until he ended up back in Tollyton. Here, he received the broadcast that would change his life.


He received a message of a Fifth of November event, and with this knowledge (sweet! he thought) He beghan to look for a group to join, realizing a man alone could do little in Ridleybank. Mega was recruited by the Umbrella Biohazard Containment service, due to a direct message from the leader. He has served with distinction since. His Record includes leading every squad, as either a second in command (Bravo) or as a Commanding Officer (Alpha, Charlie, Omega) the first Liaison and Propaganda director. He ended the strife between Umbrella Corp and his own group with his Diplomacy.


on May 27, Mega left the UBCS, for his own reasons. where will this handsome man turn up next? no one knows.

A New Begining

Mega Founded a new group, The Handsome Devils. With this group He strove to break out and make a name for himself, as well as to found a laid back group centered on Surviving and Looking good at the same time.

Guess whos back...

Mega was dragged back to the UBCS through a mess of skullduggery. He now leads Fox Company.

Investigate Journalisim at its finest

Megameh writes the Containin' Weekly these days. LOOK For it! It is a Bastion of Free Journalisim.

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