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Organization XIII O13 Forum Merondi's Userpage

Merondi has decided to keep a record of her various activities in Malton, since there is no point in doing things unless you have a place to gloat over them. :P

Good Karma- Jan 2012

Merondi has temporarily halted her violent activities, and am focusing on reviving survivors, for the moment. The humans still have the lead population-wise, but she has decided more revives would not be a bad thing, for either her or Organization XIII's image. Do note she is not strictly sticking to Revive Points. What, did you think she was turning absolutely pro-survivor? :P

Speech Time- Dec 2012

Merondi has started to recite one of her favorite Metal Gear Solid 2 speeches in game, reciting 1 line per PK. It will take many bullets and bodies to finish the speech, and perhaps Calvert Mall will not survive, but she plans on finishing sometime next year.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]

And the speech is finished! With the brave sacrifices of 14 people, the entire speech has been delivered.

Assault on Precinct 13- Aug 2012

In the summer months, O13 launched an attack on the DHPD that resulted in many of their deaths, and O13 being labelled a 'terrorist organization' by them. Merondi also received a permanent warrant, which she proudly hung on her wall. Then she got busy assassinating any and every DHPD she could find. It has become one of her favorite pastimes, so expect more scalps in the near future. Although, DHPD seem to have become an endangered species in their so-called DMZ right now, so her assassinating has slowed, since targets are just so rare.

1: jits dhaliwal [15]

2: Ahmad Bradshaw

3: Londonbrig0 [16]

4: Mohawk Dan [17]

5: Jelito [18]

6: Xanarack [19]

7: Cyrus Hanley [20]

8: Justicepsion [21]

9: ganjafallout91 [22]

10: Morgan Fleaman [23]

11: Mohawk Dan [24]

Thanks to Foxlion, who actually wrote the code.

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