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Meryl Silverburgh

Service Record - News/History - FOXHOUND Pamphlets - Current Operations
Meryl Silverburgh
Joined: November 10th, 2007
Character Details: Meryl Silverburgh
Current Level: 41
Character Class: Military
Favorite Equipment: First Aid Kit
Favorite Weapon: Shotgun
Backup Weapon: Fire Axe
Current Status: Alive
Location: The Waish Building in Pescodside
Kills: A lady never tells...
Revives: 13
Deaths: 13
Famous Catch-Phrase: "Listen, I've used a gun like this ever since I was
eight years old, I'm more comfortable with it
than I am with a bra.

Confidential File: Meryl Silverburgh

Hardened by battle at Shadow Moses Island, Meryl Silverburgh, was born 20 years ago; the daughter of none other than Colonel Roy Campbell, a former leader of the elite FOXHOUND unit. Aside from being recruited into the Next Generation Special Forces at the age of 17 against the wishes of Col. Campbell, not much is known of Meryl's past prior to the Shadow Moses Incident. After the Shadow Moses Incident and a brief interlude with none other than Solid Snake, Meryl returned to active service, working on numerous classified missions, including a reconnaissance mission in the Basra Republic in the Middle East and a rescue mission to save Colonel Campbell in the South American Republic of Esteria, where she and Snake took down convicted war criminal Sergei Ivanovich. When the government first heard news of the Malton outbreak, orders were given to Meryl to detach from her FOXHOUND unit based in South America and report to the FOXHOUND unit based in Malton, presumably so that she could be further groomed within the FOXHOUND ranks so that she would eventually command her own unit. En route to her drop zone at the Parrott Towers in Dulston, her Blackhawk took small arms fire and was forced down in Wray Heights. Meryl was the only survivor of the wreckage. Stranded across town from her drop zone, Meryl found the Broad Avenue Police Department nearby and began on site procurement of weapons, a standard objective for FOXHOUND soldiers. After procuring a Flak Jacket, Shotgun and Pistol, Meryl begins to make her way through the sea of Undead on her journey to reunite with FOXHOUND.

Current Status

Objective(s): Meeting up with the FOXHOUND unit in Dulston.
Location(s): Building hopping looking for members of FOXHOUND.
Long-term Goal(s): Improving the NE Corner and assisting the Dulston Alliance.


  • Meryl, although originally thought to be the niece of Colonel Campbell, is in fact his daughter!
  • Meryl's favorite weapon is the Desert Eagle, which is sadly nowhere to be found in the suburbs of Malton.

"Meryl's Corner"

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DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance (Allied)
Meryl Silverburgh is a staunch supporter of the Dulston Alliance.
Foxhoundlogo.jpg FOXHOUND
Meryl Silverburgh is a FOXHOUND member.

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