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The exertions of the day have tired your trunk. You stand rooted to the spot, swaying slightly in the breeze.

You have run out of mulch.

Mulch is restored at the rate of one good handful every half hour - check back later in the day, or tomorrow, and remember to water frequently.

How I came to be...

I remember when the zeds first came, I was a leave from the millitary (Private in the 21st Battalion royal Oaks corps, Combat tree Division) , I laughed off the suggestion that these folks were "the undead" i presumed they were just a bunch of no good bums, I thought that once they they got sick of folk running away from them making wild accusations they'd leave. I thought the reports of them eat brains and stuff was a bit far fetched! Little did i know! Out one day while out walking is the greener parts of town (I'm a tree and I like to keep in touch with nature), the day before i was due to go back to the base, i heard a noise, a groan, the shuffling of feet, then something grabbed me!,next thing i remember i was hungry.........hungry for brains! i lived like this, killing everyone one i found, eating brains, for months....... prehaps even a year.... zeds dont think much of keeping a watch or a calender handy. (how a tree became a zombie let alone be in the military is confusing and you really shouldnt dwell on it!)

That was all to change when i heard bout a revive clinic in south blythville, hope i thought! maybe there is a cure! i made my way down there.... it seemed to take forever...... but atlast i made it! and the good folks at MCM made me a tree again!

Now ive made it my priority to help those that helped me! MCM

And maybe one day be reunited with my old army buddy gorilla guerilla who I believe joined the circus when the army unit of the elite unicycle gorilla corps (of which he was a founding member, and the only member) disbanded during the first day of the outbreak.

And my distant cousin jasper who now goes by the name of rabid fruitbat as that was the animal he believes gave him the virus (I personally have a theory based around piranahs! feel free to ask me about it if you see me!), He is now a proud zed and member of the MOBand please do not revive him, It only make him mad! but say hi and tell him im asking after him! Oh hold on, if you see him them he's probably eating you! never mind saying hi then!

10 minutes from Hell

If we are going to survive,
we need to stick together.
We support 10 mfH safehouses!

MCMSeal.gif Malton College of Medicine
This user supports the efforts of

Malton College of Medicine

in bringing healing and higher education to Malton.

BasicBLF.jpg Bra!nz Liberation Front
This user liberates brains for the

Militant Order of Barhah!

Militant Order of Barhah.gif Militant Order of Barhah
The MOB is coming...

Kyle Campaign Template.jpg Kyle 4 Everything '09
mo has pledged support to the KyleStyle For Everything '09 Campaign, agreeing that Kyle should be given every conceivable responsibility in the game.
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