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Mike Madman Calwert
Joined: 2006-01-29
Character class: Military, Scout
Favorite equipment: First Aid Kit, Pistol
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: USSR
Character stats: 16.500+ exp
Journal: Rogues Gallery for Mike Madman Calwert

I'm one of the founders and Coordinator of USSR group. And I really hate traitors. And, yes, I kill'em. The reason is: they ARE traitors. No matter what they do or what they NOT do. They must die, end of story. Just check profiles of my so-called 'victims' at Rogues Gallery - you won't see anyone, except of spies and traitors. Something about the justice and law? Huh. Justice is simple: no mercy to zombie-spies. You think different way? Which side are you on, comrade?

DSS 894-5124

Logosmall.png Urban Stalkers of Soviet Russia
This user or group is an ally of the USSR. Urban stalkers of the world, unite!
450px-Flag of Russia.png Russian
This user is Russian.
Burnzedburn.gif Burn Brightly Little Zombie
This user supports the use of burning zombies to light the night sky.
ShootTheMedic.png Anti-Combat Reviver
This user dislikes the strategy known as 'Combat Revival'.
Nozombieskills.png No zombie skills!
This user or group follows the policy of having as little zombie skills as possible.
Soilder-Angel.jpg PRO SURVIVOR
This user always plays the role of a Survivor and has all 22 Human Skills.
Tool-Time.jpg Tool Time (10pts)
This User successfully killed a Zombie with a Toolbox.
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