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Mikhos Rollins is around average height, with red hair and emerald green eyes. You can barely see behind the scarlet bangs hanging in them. With a leanly muscled body and many small scars, you can tell he's lived through a few encounters. He wears a B3 bomber jacket with a very worn MPD label, though its only badge is that of the Dulston Alliance, but even these days it's more of a memory than a true badge. He also wears a pair of ripped skinny jeans. are on his feet. Underneath his jacket is a holey black t-shirt. It looks to be a size too small, most likely due to slim pickings at Treweeke mall.

Mikhos is a slight young man with a mischievous smile, and a penchant for adventure.

Pistols are strapped to either side of his studded belt, as he guns down zombies and PKers alike with a reckless fervor. He wears a cartoon-like skull belt buckle, which has a rather high amount of scratches on it. The look in his eyes show the lack of fear, and the lack of something to lose.
Mikhos was the Dulston Alliance's head Agent, a freelance operative who works with various member groups and allies as needed.

He's been in town for too long.

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