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SFHNAS RGang based page


St. Ferreol's Hospital Noise Abatement Society
Abbreviation: SFHNAS
Group Numbers: utterly secret
Leadership: Billy Forks
Goals: Silencing St. Ferreol's Hospital, Kempsterbank
Recruitment Policy: Zombies in Kempsterbank, and zombies willing to relocate to Kempsterbank.
Contact: Group forum

Are you a zombie irritated by noise, particularly talking, breathing or generators humming? Are you in the Kempsterbank area?

Then St. Ferreol's Hospital Noise Abatement Society is the organisation for you! Come, stand with us outside St. Ferreol's Hospital! Batter at the barricades with us! We get in, and set about silencing the nasty noises the hospital makes. Being headshot is hardly even a nuisance. Sometimes we are revivified, but excellent leaping-to-death facilities are available 2 blocks away at the Bornard Building. Remember to put those lights out on the way!

Feel like joining in the mayhem? Just come to St. Ferreol's Hospital, set your group affiliation to 'St. Ferreol's Hospital Noise Abatement Society', and start battering at the barricades of everyone's most irritating hospital, St. Ferreol's, Kempsterbank [57,72]. Experienced or new zombies equally welcome.

There is a group forum here, the recruitment thread is here.


Zombies can't be moved. If a group of zombies chooses to take up residence at a building, they can make it a permanent danger spot for survivors. We are that group. St. Ferreol's Hospital is that building.

Our Vision

Imagine a single ruin in the middle of all-too-often-green Kempsterbank. Imagine 20 or 30 zombies living in there permanently. Logging in to use your 50AP grinding the barricades of neighbouring buildings or killing stranded survivors in the streets, and returning to keep the hospital safe from repairing harmans. A long-lasting and unremovable blight on the dull suburb of Kempsterbank. The cause of despair to the local survivors - a base for undead strike teams, local and visiting. That is our vision! Survivors' feeble coordinating powers could never evict such tenacious zombies. We will be a piece of Malton history - join us!

Why St. Ferreol's ?

In the words of our founder, Billy Forks:

"So there I was, lurching along minding my own business, when I was headshot twice in the street and then CRed within 24 hrs. Still (then) being deluded and dual-natured, I went into the nearest building - which happened to be St. F's - and offered some advice on the AP-effectiveness of killing zombies in the street. My arguments were met with cries of 'zombie propagandist' and a few whacks with an axe. Tempers rose. My cold, unbeating heart darkened towards the foolish, cowardly breathers. There was an incident involving a generator. Since then, I've stood - or often lain - outside and spent my daily AP attacking the barricades. The hospital is usually at VSB++, so I sometimes get in and manage to groan and then infect a few people, but more helping claws are always welcome."

Ferals and Nomads

Are you a feral zombie ending your day's wandering in Kempsterbank? Come over to the hospital, and see if it's ruined. If so, come inside and sway with us! You may avoid the traditional Kempsterbank headshot (they know no better). We win too, because the breathers have a harder job reclaiming the place. Bed and Breakfast for wandering zombies! Win-win!

If we're not at the hospital, we're probably a block or two away, attacking one of the nearby buildings to throw a bit of unpredictability into our tactics. Listen for feeding groans!

Current Status


St. Ferreol's Hospital
EthrDemon (talk) 01:04, 11 January 2020 (UTC)

Spread the word

For graffiti-ing around Kempsterbank, the tinyurl for this page is

Specific buildings can be sprayed with directions as well as the url, eg Jillard NT:

  • You hear a loud groaning 1E 3N:

Speaking to other zombies also attracts attention. We are the 'Na!z Abagmahn Brazzahz ahn Z!zzahz', and our building is 'Zb. Raarrararz'. But incomprehensible shouting and gesturing may work just as well. (Keep in mind that only standing zombies can observe speeches and gesturing).

BloodSmearHand.JPG Blot It Out!
SFHNAS supports the Blood Smear Grafitti ability for zombies
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