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7th September 2007 Lots of dead we had a generator up for a bit but someone blew it up, not sure who. _______

Someone took out the generator? There are lots of people in the Haslock Building now, no one was killed today either. Curton Mansion is working, we are reviving people there now. Someone managed to get a generator from Willy's, the place was wrecked though, I guess Vesson didn't make it out... There are a lot of people that are unaccounted for when the genny went down. Happened a few hours ago, everyone is pretty quiet about it now. It's wrecked though, completely beyond repair and there wasn't a zombie inside.

6th September 2007 The lights are out again. I am on the roof and the moon is bright enough to write by. The sky is actually very clear, unusually clear. Most of the fires in Chancelwood have burnt themselves out, all the lights are out, the moon is out and the stars are shining. I've almost grown accustomed to the thunder of a hundred fleshy fists rending at the barricades. It can't spoil a beautiful night like this. Our numbers have grown considerably, groups from all over the surrounding suburbs have found their way to the mansion and into Haslock. The bloodshed has been terrible, all we can do is keep barricading, soon there won't be enough mof this building left to keep it standing. A few are bitten badly every day, a few more are dragged outside. No one even has a bullet for them, though i know most of us have one bullet left, for our turn. We have nearly fifty still on their feet. The surrounding suburbs are ruined, we have no free running routes. There is nowhere for me to run. More medicine will help. Have to go back downstairs now, i see someone coming.

4th September 2007 Sharing ammunition and fighting exhaustion we sleep in shifts, each moment of peace a nightmare punctuated by awaking to the cry of "Break In!",or "'Cades! 'Cades! 'Cades!". A free runner broke through with the news that Orders Crescent PD had been completely ransacked and ruined, no survivors. Undeath is at our door and everyone is afraid. The number of wounded is rising, as we have no ammunition or medical supplies. Morale is low so we have moved them to the roof, the smell was unbearable. There are hundreds of zombies here, maybe sixty outside Haslock alone. Everywhere else is desolate, burning to the ground or motionless. I have little doubt we are the only ones left in Chancelwood.

Drawing the Curton

Curton Mansion - July 2005

1st September 2007 The dead are everywhere. Curton lies in ruins, whatever chance i have of peering deeper into it's secrets seems lost. Perhaps we are all lost. A horde is at the door. There are so few places left to stand and fight that there is no sense in running, even if i felt the urge. The friends i have made in Chancelwood are all i have left now, and if i am to die, it will be defending them, at the only place i can call home.

16th August 2007 Got a scare from a gardener zombie in Hathway Park today. Flared him right on the button but damn did he burn fierce! Hopefully that won't start a fire... I remembered something today in the parks garden.

13th August 2007 Working from B-Town HQ to help with the Curton Mansion revives is introducing me to some interesting denizens of Chancelwood. Dan Vesson runs a succesful auto repair shop to the west and the B-Town Boyz doctor, a Dr B Nekro, has helped me settle in a great deal. I am doing my best to keep pker tags at a minimum which is enjoyable. Art is a calming influence on the mind, made possible thanks to the generosity from Mr Vesson at Willys auto repair and a few trips south to search the lockers at Whitlock Boulevard School in Pashenton. My work keeps me occupied and as such Aleister hasn't been on my mind. I think now that the past is best forgotten.

August 2007 "How long have i been asleep? Last month i awoke to find myself inside the great Curton Mansion, a retreat that in the days prior to the outbreak i would have never dreamed i could ever enter. I have been confused it seems, for a long time, wandering lost and alone with no purpose, delusion a grander goal than survival. Things have changed though. In Chancelwood i have found a survivor group located in and around Aleister. In helping these people, perhaps i can help myself and in doing so recall what my own part is in this story. I will keep a journal of my time in Chancelwood, so that if my illness should return... or if the dread hordes catch up with me - there will be some memento to guide me to my next home. There is purpose now. With purpose there is hope. MiniGemmel, B-Town HQ"

The Victories of Science

For we all must have our day. The birth of life and the death of life forever conserved in the flourishing macrocosmic egg that is everything to us. What then, of the return to life? If a brain is dead and rotting, what real belief can there be in revivification?

Wherever i walk i hear the music. It plays in my ears. Not through my ears but in them, from no source i can comprehend. I've tried to silence them, God knows I've tried, I hear him tease me whenever i smash another radio. Did my ears ring their rotten melody before i was awoken?

I walk these streets comfortable that I am dead, the music that plays in my ears is not sound but light.

Zombieworm.jpg Perspiring in Chancelwood
MiniGemmel is currently Level 41

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MiniGemmel is a NecroTechnician who works with NecroWatch to monitor Malton's NecroNet system. MiniGemmel has proven to have dedication in the pursuit of truth and knowledge.

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