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An nescis, mi fili, quantilla sapientia mundus regatur.
Name Grapple X
Abbreviation GX
Group Philosophe Knights
Rank Knight
Function Zerg hunter
Profession Physicist
Like a virus is man. Wretched, uncaring, it infects everything that may be good and valued, and fills it with poison and uselessness. Its ignorance fills every corner of our world. They blackened our earth, and seek to paint their blackness green. Their idiocy leaves the few, the precious few, drowning in lunacy. As ants in tar, as a butterfly in time, what precious little worth and merit the scrabbling horde has scraped together is lost amidst the density of its baser urges. When one man chisels visions in raw stone, when one scribes great tales of leviathans and the inner mind, and yet another harnesses the power of the stars themselves, the masses merely gorge on chemical filth and murder the globe in a selfish stranglehold. Their tunnel vision, their uncaring and uneducated lives are sickly blights upon this great sphere. As the surgeon lances the cancer, as the noble savage lances the great whale, as the chivalric Breton lances the fae enemy, so too must we wrestle with the horde, striking out their bloated, lethargic hearts with pure lead. Our task is thus. Praise knowledge.
  • Founder and leader of RDD a clan now operating in multiple online games, on December 23rd 2003.
  • Founder and leader of Benzuli Expansion.
  • Founder of Mayhem Attack Squad.
  • First person listed on Rotter's Relief "Do Not Revive" list (Misanthropy)
  • Holder of the record for most PKs in a two-week period with Legends of Darkness (Riastrad)
  • Winner of the PKer Hub's September 2009 PKer Challenge
  • Moderator of Rogue's Gallery on Brainstock
  • Sysop of UD Wiki
  • Elected Mayor of Malton in 2010
  • Rogues Gallery bounty of 26, and 'Kill on Sight' listing (Haircuts That Kill)
  • Rogues Gallery bounty of 22, and 'Kill on Sight' listing (Misanthropy)
  • Rogues Gallery bounty of 2 (Riastrad)

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RDD leaderMMA 2009 winnerEx-Mayor of MaltonI just wanted an excuse to kill as many people as I could