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Affiliated Groups

Avowed Enemies

Total Kills
Misanthropy and his alts are responsible for 745 kills at last count.


Misanthropy is the founder of RDD, a clan operating in several online games and IN YOUR SUBURB RIGHT FUCKING NOW. He is also a dedicated PKer and career-zombie player with alts throughout Malton, with alts in a metric fuck tonne of groups. Do not provoke him. Do not attempt to feed him. Do not make sudden movements. You might just get out of this alive.

Metagaming Achievements

  • Founder and leader of RDD, a clan now operating in multiple online games, on December 23rd 2003.
  • Founder and leader of Benzuli Expansion.
  • Founder of Mayhem Attack Squad.
  • First person listed on Rotter's Relief "Do Not Revive" list (Misanthropy)
  • Holder of the record for most PKs in a two-week period with Legends of Darkness (Riastrad)
  • Winner of the PKer Hub's September 2009 PKer Challenge
  • Moderator of Rogue's Gallery on Brainstock
  • Sysop of UD Wiki
  • Elected Mayor of Malton in 2010
  • Rogues Gallery bounty of 26, and 'Kill on Sight' listing (Haircuts That Kill)
  • Rogues Gallery bounty of 22, and 'Kill on Sight' listing (Misanthropy)
  • Rogues Gallery bounty of 2 (Riastrad)

A History of Violence

See full map here

Barely-Contained Rage

Spreading the Hate

RDD leaderMMA 2009 winnerEx-Mayor of MaltonI just wanted an excuse to kill as many people as I could