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"The zeds are just people with the music ripped out of their souls. It's our job to put it back. Or failing that, to put them out of their misery."

Nathan Marbles was a bit of an odd duck back in the real world. He listened to "evil" music. He worked a night job. He addressed people by title and last name unless invited to do otherwise. He was a bit miffed when others called him "Nathan" without his invitation.

He was at a goth club in Malton when the world collapsed. He couldn't tell right away that it wasn't just part of the show. Great costumes, he thought. Very realistic. Then one of the zeds attacked the band and the music stopped.

Nathan ran.

He kept running and hiding for weeks until he came across a junkyard in Shearbank. A gaggle of other survivors had heard Stickling Mall was safe, but they arrived to find the place too heavily barricaded to enter. Nathan took a greater than average interest in keeping the rest of the group safe and healthy, and teaching the newer arrivals the basics of survival in Malton.

Over time, many residents of the junkyard have come to know him as Mister Marbles.

Shopping List

  • a pair of purple-lensed glasses
  • a black trilby
  • a silver medallion of St. John
  • a black skull T-shirt
  • a dark purple waistcoat
  • a black coat
  • a pair of black jeans
  • a pair of black leather shoes
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