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Mobius187 – Man of Science!

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Historical Background

Early NecroTech Career

Caleb Usher was always a scientist at heart. He graduated with honors from Harvard University's Engineering and Applied Sciences Division with a diploma in SCIENCE! NecroTech took note of him immediately after Caleb made several minor, if confusing, breakthroughs in applied thermo-dynamics that NecroTech executives couldn't understand, but rationalized must have been important because the words used to describe the theories were hard to pronounce. Unfortunately Caleb's hopeful rise to fame, which in brass tacks was summed up with the dream of fast women and faster cars, was cut short by what is commonly referred to now as the "Malton Incident". Having worked at NecroTech for several months already Caleb had found himself shunted from one project to the next by exasperated department heads until finally one of them convinced the NecroTech executives that Caleb would be perfect for reassignment to Malton to head-up research into the zombie epidemic.

While not in the least bit interested in being sent to a city where zombies were bound to eat him alive, Caleb soon enough discovered what the term "ironclad contract" meant. From there he quickly found himself on a cargo helicopter transporting NecroTech staff and supplies to the suburb of Pescodside. The first few days working at the Waish Building took some adjustment as Caleb would often awake at night to the screams of some unlucky survivor caught outside by zombies. Even so, the daily routine of extracting DNA from zombies and then reviving them helped keep his mind off the threat they posed.

All of that changed when, in late December, Caleb returned from his regular DNA collection mission to find that the doors to the Waish Building had been barricaded. Unable to get inside Caleb was fortunate to find temporary shelter at St. Odile's Church. Still it was 2 days before he could get back inside the NecroTech facility. Flustered, the scientist lodged a formal complaint, filling out form NSC-56R (a standard NecroTech Security Complaint form). Having vented his frustration and told-off the building's security staff Caleb felt it would be in his best interests to explore other employment options in nearby Dulston, at least temporarily.

Rise & Fall of Blaise General Hospital

On January 9th, Caleb Usher arrived at Blaise General Hospital. The survivors there were helpful although he encounter a certain degree of drama, whether it was a recent love triangle involving the doctors and nurses or the over-abundant number of coma patients. Still, Caleb soon came to realize that like sands in the hourglass, so to are the days of our lives. Trying to occupy, or perhaps distance, himself from the hospital's daily routine he spent most of his days scavenging for medical supplies, healing the injured, and checking local barricades. Of note the barricades at the Pilton Building, Roadnight Towers, Stembridge Crescent Fire Station and the local junkyard in case the need for safe houses arose. Caleb also worked to improve relations between the hospital and survivors in the surrounding area, including Lentell Walk PD to the south in Pescodside.

This all changed starting on January 12th, when the number of zombies in the area started to rise. Hearing rumors that the Waish Building was once again over-barricaded Caleb decided to travel north to the Beale Building in hopes of bringing back revivification syringes that could be used to reduce the number of zombies plaguing the blocks surrounding the hospital. So far the survivors at the hospital had done their best to quell the zombie horde within the surrounding blocks, but even so zombies had slowly picked off weaker survivors adding to their own horde. Over time their numbers steadily grew while the survivors inside the hospital continued to dwindle. On January 20th zombies began sieging the hospital and for once they could not be dissuaded. Caleb, who had always insisted on an "open door" policy so that low-level survivors would not be left trapped outside, returned from a goodwill mission at Lentell Walk PD to find that zombies had overrun the hospital.

Much chagrinned at his own naivety, Caleb attempted to rebuild with those survivors he could convince to return or who had filtered back on their own. Where once there had been anywhere from 20-30 survivors staying inside the hospital a mere 8 survivors remained. That night the zombies returned. A mob of 15 zombies pounded on the hospital's doors and Caleb could not help but wonder how many had once been survivors they had protected within its walls. Regardless, from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM Caleb took 15 minute shifts checking the hospital's barricades. Three times that night the barricades were attacked, and three times Caleb rebuilt them in order to thwart the walking dead from gaining entry.

At approximately 12:26 AM, after over 7 hours, a forth and final attack was made. Caleb was exhausted and realizing that the attack would not abate he gave his fellow survivors his best wishes that they would survive before traveling to Lentell Walk PD to beseech their assistance against the zombies. By the next morning it was all over. The restoration of Blaise General Hospital under Caleb Usher's guiding hand was not to be.

The Clewett Agenda

Having heard from a fellow NecroTech scientist, Tripp Coleman, that eastern Pescodside was safe and well stocked with resource buildings he saw this as a new chance at rebuilding his diminished first aid kit supply at both St. Herman's and St. Ninian's Hospital. He even found that working at the Clewett Building was an interesting change of pace. Using his newly acquired NecroNet skills Caleb began monitoring zombie movements in the area and manufacturing MK-II syringes. Of course, as was often the case, he had barely started to settle down when trouble started brewing. Zombies lead by the Drunken Dead starting seiging resource buildings, starting with the police departments in nearby Rolt Heights, but a few mere blocks from the Clewett Building. After these buildings were overrun they moved on to overwhelm the hospitals. Seeing their numbers growing Caleb warned the staff at the Clewett Building to the trouble ahead before taking his leave. Without any first aid kits or syringes he thought it would be best to restock elsewhere. When word reached him on February 1st of the Clewett Building's fall he did abide by the mandatory 5 minutes of silence that day.

Gone Shoppin'

Caleb realized that they key problem he suffered from in each situation was a lack of supplies. If he could locate a large quantity of First Aid Kits he could certainly be more useful. In turn by practicing his medical skills he could improve himself. Seeing that as the best option Caleb grabbed his credit cards and went mall shopping. In the days that followed Caleb did succeed in accomplishing much of what he had aspired. Where once his greatest stash of medical supplies had been 13 FAKs he had managed to obtain 28 FAKs while at Treweeke Mall.

Of course the mall was not without its hazards, as on two occasions Caleb found that he had been murdered in his sleep. If not for the fact that Caleb had become one of the walking dead this would have been the end of his illustrious career within Malton. As it were he was able to seek revivification each time, with the most recent being at Mermagen Street in Pescodside. Of course something like dying once or twice did little to discourage Caleb and from this point onwards he began a new daily routine to help his fellow survivors.

NecroTech Courtesy Calls

Now well supplied Caleb started a daily routine he hoped would help benefit his fellow survivors. Every day he would travel south from Treweeke Mall into Pescodside, visiting his old home-away-from-home, St. Odile's Church to provide medical assistance to any lower-level survivors found staying there, as well as helping repair their barricades should they ever be damaged. In this way Caleb felt he was helping return something to the community that had helped him during his early days in Malton. From there Caleb would visit the Waish Building and submit a NecroNet report so as to better inform survivors of zombie activity within Pescodside and Dulston.

Truth in Advertising

Now moving into 2007, Caleb has learned that Dulston and Pescodside, for all the solitude in the NE Corner of Malton, seem to inexplicably attract the attention of nasty zombies hordes every now and then. Whether it's the Ridleybank Resistance Front, the Big Bash, or Mall Tour '07, the zombies eventually come marching into the suburbs and lay waste to everything. Caleb realized that in order to defend his home measures would need to be taken. He began by making contact with the Dulston Alliance, the largest survivor organization in the NE Corner. After establishing friendly relations with each of its member groups he proceeded to design enlistment posters for them, posters that he hoped would help attract new recruits into their ranks. By doing so Caleb hoped to reverse the decline the Alliance had suffered over the months since it was formed (as few veteran survivors wanted to stay in the NE Corner to defend it because it saw so little action).

To date Caleb has created two enlistment posters for the Dulston Alliance, both focusing on what Caleb's believed would unite all survivors to their side, a love of beer. After that Caleb began other posters for the NE Corner, namely for the Burchell Arms Regulars and the unified defenders of Treweeke Mall. After that, who knows? But whatever happens Caleb hopes to continue to support the suburbs and their survivors.

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