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Mobius187 – Man of Science!

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An Alliance of Friends

I, as Caleb Usher and Mobius187, have made several allies in Malton through various "good deeds" performed to aid the survivors of Northeast Malton. This has earned me varying degrees of good faith trust among individuals and groups. The following is a list which comprises some of the stronger bonds which I have established:

  • BAR small.jpg The Burchell Arms Regulars - The BAR, a large survivor group located in Rolt Heights, came to my attention while I was updating the suburb's location wikipages. I offered to assist them with their group wikipage and my offer was accepted. They were very happy with the end results and made me a "VIP" (Very Important Patron) with access to the BAR's private forum ("The Office", a privilege usually granted only to full BAR Employees, of which I was not a member of their group). Then, barely a week or so later, the Rolt Heights War started up and I helped them track PKers and executions throughout April 2007. By its end I had also created several beer coaster badges and commendations as well, and for all these efforts the BAR created a new position for me, that of "Investor", granting me limited Admin forum privileges. To this day I am well-liked by members of the BAR.
  • DulstonAllianceAlly.jpg Dulston Alliance - The DA, or Alliance, has always interested me as I recall discussing the idea with the then-leader of Dead vs Blue back when they first appeared in Dulston. Later they established the Alliance and I have always had a keen interest in seeing it flourish as it represented one of the larger survivor group efforts in Malton. To this end I provided my initial "group wikipage redesign" offers to member groups of the Alliance. Many took me up on my offer and my popularity in the Alliance afforded me special access to their private forum section ("The Lodge", a privilege usually granted only to members of the Dulston Alliance). My popularity among the member groups varies with it being strongest among Dead vs Blue, the Friends of the Featherstone Library, FOXHOUND, The Electric Light Torchestra, D.I.T.P.S, and Metal Fox.

Many Faces of Mobius187

While Caleb Usher was the first survivor associated with me to enter Malton, he was not the last. In truth there was another who came a few months after him. Sgt.Hoss Delgado, now a retired DHPD officer, was once stationed in Dunell Hills back in the day. While the good sergeant's career in the DHPD was somewhat short in the grand scheme of things, he fought the good fight and will be remembered (by me at least).

Known Affiliates

Caleb Usher fully supports any survivors seeking assistance upon arriving in Malton, especially NecroTech staff hailing from the No More Room in Hell forums. No More Room in Hell would best be defined as a "zombie awareness and training" simulation that is based on Valve's Source engine. Being from the mod team, Caleb does his best to recruit further assistance to the survivor cause in Dulston from any survivors who end up in east Malton.

Further information can be found here: Official Urban Dead forum thread

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