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History of The Streltsy

Among the earliest recruitment advertisments for The Streltsy. Many historians speculate that this is proof that The Streltsy, in some form, existed in the 1910's, making it by far the oldest Urban Dead group.

The Original Streltsy

The Streltsy arguably refers to two different groups. The original Streltsy was started on May 22nd, 2008. It was formed by Moctezuma in the wake of Ghetto Cow's break up. It grew to about 14 members at its peak and, at some point in August of that year, broke up due to internal disputes. During these internal disputes, among the players who left The Streltsy was Athair Bas who, sadly, has passed since.

Aside from this acquaintance with Athair, the most important thing the original Streltsy did was form a friendship with Legends of Darkness. The problem with this incarnation of The Streltsy was that this was pretty much all that was notable about it. Notorious prick Met Fan took the time to join the group with an alt (see also: cheating) to spy for the Dulston Alliance. At the time of Met Fan's spying, The Streltsy probably had about five players, demonstrating that the Alliance had no semblance of Class. That's about it for the original Streltsy.

The New, Better Streltsy

The current Streltsy was started when an older and smarter Moctezuma approached The Colonel about helping him in restarting The Streltsy.

Moctezuma  Streltsy




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The Streltsy arrive in South West Malton.

A screenshot from Ciscokitty's disastrous appearance on a popular Malton game show.

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