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Mold is an aggressive jerk with a demented sense of humour. He's put in time as a feral zombie, a Gore Corps death cultist, an idled out memory, and even a brief stint as an independent pro-survivor character*. He's been known to do silly things like insult and threaten people in Death Rattle, post suicide screenshots with the Rogues Gallery as both PK reports and bounty collections on himself, make strange references to an alleged zombie whale shark, and yell "Shoryuken!" before PKing with a punch. Mold self-identifies as a zambah regardless of his current state, and sees himself as a fringe member of a nebulous group he refers to as "greater Team Evil". This group apparently consists of a loose, unsteady, and most likely imaginary alliance of all zombies, death cultists, PKs, GKs, and everyone else in Malton that is dedicated to destruction in one form or another.


*This lasted about a week before being cut tragically short by a fit of boredom, surplus ammunition, and the sight of another survivor sitting on a mere 16 hp.

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Winner, Inaugural Tournament in Edgecombe.

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