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Moonie Talk | Testimonials 07:29, 19 May 2010 (BST)

Used as my sandbox when needed

Kyle Mayor.png

Once again the KyleStyle For Everything Campaign has returned to claim any and all responsibilities for their sole rightful owner KyleStyle.

Ladies and Gentlemen, KyleStyle the rising star of Malton Needs Your Vote.

Kyle is an upstanding member of the community and has made an enormous contribution to Malton. Throughout his time in the city, Kyle's initiative has been without equal and surpassed only by his own modesty in accepting any and all responsibilities that are offered to him. The KyleStyle For Everything Campaign aims to forcibly provide all these responsibilities and more to Kyle.

KyleStyle spends his time as a zombie in the Ridleybank Resistance Front's Department of Homeland Security feeding the next generation of zambah brazzahz and z!zzahz, teaching the new how to rattle like a b!g zambah, and standing in the line of fire sacrificing himself to save babahz from a nasty headshot. If elected on behalf of KyleStyle the KyleStyle For Everything Campaign will focus on the future of Malton: the babahz who will one day grow to lead this fair city. No babah shall have to go without the food needed to make them big and strong, no longer will babahz have to go without the knowledge required to speak their native tongue and every babah shall be shielded from the trenchy menace.

But still, why should I vote for KyleStyle I hear you ask?
Kyle is not just one man, no - KyleStyle is me, KyleStyle is you; KyleStyle has scientifically and democratically been proven to be Everything.

Therefore a vote for anyone is a vote for KyleStyle.
A vote for KyleStyle is a vote for you.
A vote for KyleStyle is a vote for KyleStyle!

Spread the word: KyleStyle For Mayor of Malton '10
The KyleStyle For Everything Campaign would like to express its disappointment in such trivial formalities as "Democratic Process" in ensuring KyleStyle's recognition as the sole holder of every responsibility ever.

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Militant Order of Barhah.gif

Militant Order of Barhah

The Militant Order of Barhah is one of the major Zombie hordes in Malton and is dedicated to the principles of Barhah Fundamentalism. A nomadic horde that spreads Barhah throughout the city, the MOB welcomes all zambahz who have embraced Barhah within their hearts. As a focused horde with several strike times, the MOB excels at breaking into and eating harman strongholds.

The MOB enjoys nurturing young zambahz (known as babahz) providing both an encouraging atmosphere & nourishment on the bloody & brainz filled road to becoming adult zambahz.

Join the MOB, embrace BARHAH!

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