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Oh yay, another UD-related displacement activity. Just what I needed.

(NB re adminship: I am insanely busy with RL until the 30th Sept. While geekily enough UD in general and the wiki in particular represent one of my main destressing activities, I'm not going to be checking it all the time so please don't expect anything resembling promptness. And if it becomes a cause of stress rather than a balm for it, I shall just walk away until October.)


  • Morlock -- came to Malton disguised as a NecroTech employee to pick up a zombie for his cryptozoological collection but found himself mysteriosuly trapped. Believes zombies are a new form of regen-inf trooper and Malton a Great House experimental breeding ground which has been completely separated from Earth into its own little pocket of space-time. You probably think he's wrong about all this, but can you explain why we can't even try to walk off the edge of the map? (based on Lawrence Miles's Faction Paradox character)
  • Bazza -- upright soldier, dedicated to defending the innocent and other such idealistic notions; spends a lot of time barricading unsafe safehouses for the sake of the clueless lowbies who won't stay out of them
  • Chief Wiggum -- donut-loving cop; due to general uselessness quickly got killed and spent a long time as a zombie, but now back among the living (based on the Simpsons character, obviously)
  • Daisy -- slightly ditzy consumer gradually learning how to survive in the face of a zombie apocalypse (based on the character from Spaced). Currently trying to start up ZOMBAID, an organisation to foster the rehabilitation of zombies into society.
  • bob the zombie -- his brain has rotted away, all he knows how to do is smash at those pesky barricade things
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