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RAF Private.jpgRAF.png
Joined: 2005-10-01 02:46:48
Character class: Cop
Current Level: 17
Favorite equipment: Pistol
Character profile: Mortanus
Current status: Alive
Group: RAF
Current Rank: Private

Welcome. I'm Private MorsDraconis. I'm a recent new member of the Survivor group Roftwood Assault Force aka RAF and look forward to working with my new found brethren to eliminate the Zombie infestation in Roftwood.

About Me

Basicly, joined up on the Survivor front about a month and a half ago with my character Mortanus. I then made Athenia and Johnathan Boone to help round out my interest in the game. Mortanus is my main character, but I still play Johnathan and Athenia.

Mortanus' Background

Mortanus started out in Roftwood but quickly moved on as it become overrun with zombies. Trying to valiantly fight back, Mortanus died twice in the heat of battle as his police safehouse was overrun. Determined to get revenge, but not stupid enough to try to do so alone, he moved on trying to gain experience enough to try to do something about the oncoming hordes of Zombies.

Mortanus moved from town to town, trying to find some symblance of safety among the zombie infested streets of Malton. That was when MachinaeSupr3macy came along and sent out recruitment info to get some people to join up with RAF. Mortanus was immediately interested in joining a faction that was interested in saving his hometown and began to inquire about the group called RAF but that evening a fatal blow was struck by an unknown hunter that would delay Mortanus' communication with RAF.

In the process of moving from one town to the next, Mortanus stopped at a Necrotech building called Moseley Building and Catherine General Hospital both of which were known safehouses against the oncoming hordes of zombies attacking the Nichols Mall and Kersley Mansion and spent quite some time there. Mortanus has been using the Moseley Building and Hospital as a safehouse for some time making quick trips to the Daynes Alley Police Dept for much needed ammo restocks. It was in the Moseley Building during a night of rest that Mortanus would meet his 3rd death. What was different this time was it was not by the rotting hands and fierce teeth of the Zombie hordes but by one of his own kind. A worthless human slaugher by the name of Teffabob2 was the culprit. It was at this time that Mortanus was lost from the leyline of communcation about the RAF and was forced to move from his long time haven in Stanbury Village and into the depths of his hometown of Roftwood.

In a confused state, Mortanus, unable to communicate to anyone his need for help, began to feel himself have inhuman urges to do things he swore he would prevent from happening to other people, but he couldn't stop himself. He began to attack humans, biting and slashing at them with his inhuman abilities.

After two days of feasting on human flesh, Mortanus was finally revived by a NecroTech employee. Upon waking, he was disgusted to find himself covered in human blood and immediately went to the nearest Church to remove his sins. After cleansing himself of his sins, he tried to clear his foggy mind of what had happened on that fateful day. After much difficulty, it began to come back to him; that bastard Teffabob2 was the cause of his turning. From that day forward, Mortanus vowed that he would hunt down Teffabob2 and any other worthless Survivor that dared associate with the Zombie hordes and make them pay for their transgressions.

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold

Mortanus did it. At 23:45, 7 Nov 2005 (GMT), Mortanus successfully expunged the PKer Teffabob2 and threw his mangled, shotgun-bullet filled, corpse out to the streets along with the other worthless zombie corpses where he belonged.

Medals of Honor

RAF Marksman.jpg RAF purpleheart.jpg

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