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Reformed Pennville Militia

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Pennville Freedom Movement

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Joined Game: 4th Sept 2005
Class: Civilian
Current Level: 41
Current Status: Alive
Location: Pennville
Group: Reformed Pennville Militia
Favorite Equipment: Flare Gun
Favorite Weapon: Shotgun
Kills (with RPM): 139 zombies, 3 PKers in self defence, 1 Zombie spy, 1 GKer, 2 Death Cultists
Deaths: 16
Field Revives: 102

Moyes started the game as a zombie but was revivified at a very early stage. Deciding he liked life too much, he settled in Pennville and still fights the hordes of undead from that suburb. His first group was the Pennville Freedom Movement, but Moyes moved to the newly created Reformed Pennville Militia due to the fact that some members of the PFM had some bad habits (zerging) which he had no wish to be associated with.

Pursues a simple creed. You shoot him or a member of the RPM, he shoots you. But he'd rather be hunting Zombies.

Last Death - 25/06/08 - killed by zombies defending Cummins Alley PD


19/06/08 - with the fall of Nichols Mall I have returned to Pennville. It's pretty much as we left it, lots of repair work to be done. But found to my cost that it now takes an inordinate amount of APs to fix certain buildings. Interesting development.

10/06/08 - logged on just in time to meet a Z breach into the mall. 7 Undead got in before we got the cades up, but I killed 3 and dumped others as fellow survivors fought alongside each other. Within moments the mall was clear and barricaded. Talk about making a difference!

06/06/08 - have travelled over to Nichols Mall to answer a request for help from an allied group. Duly got in, killed a lingering Z, and patched up the 'cades. A good start!

11/05/08 - Once more Pennville is by and large flattened, and I was killed as most buildings were destroyed in around a 48 hour spell. But the RPM have helped stave off this catastrophe, I can only hope that our efforts enabled some survivors to escape.

25/04/08 - Pennville is once more under zombie attack, with Grinter Cinema and the surrounding resource buildings breached. Am currently spending my time dishing out large numbers of revives and repairing and barricading buildings where I can.

10/04/08 - spotted a ruined building whilst wandering around Pennville, namely Surtees Cinema. They are a bit of a rarity these days, so repaired it as best I could. There was a Z inside the dark and ruined building, but I helpfully lit it up with a flare to help it on its way out.

07/04/08 - wandering through Pennville who should I find but my previous date from the Feral Undead ? Unfortunately she was eating a survivor along with an undead friend. Was oblidged to escort her from the building, but I'm sure she understood.

11/04/08 - dead again, number 11, but my happiest one yet. Went on a date with a lovely lady from the Feral Undead in one of the local parks. We spent a couple of hours chatting and enjoying the views, before thing became a little more...well...exciteable. Net result: I need a needle. And a new suit.

02/04/08 - well, I was killed on my way back to Pennville, waking just 15 minutes too late. Still, I have been revived and am now back home after my forced tour of north Malton. The RPM have been busy with other survivors rebuilding our suburb; the number of Z's is surprisingly small and we have taken the oppertunity to rebuild most of the buildings and power up key resource buildings.

19/03/08 - I've been forced further and further north, so far keeping one step ahead of the menace of the Dead and death cultists of the RRF. Behind me is utter devastation as first Joachim Mall and then Lumber Mall fell in a few short hours. The entire of Malton to the south of me is now ruined. I've lost contact with all but two fellow members of the RPM and have a suspicion that Malton itself will not last much longer in the current circumstances. A true zombie apocalpse in every sense of the phrase!

13/03/08 - woke up inside Woolven Cinema today to find a familiar face sharing the building. It may have been 13 months in the waiting, but revenge was promptly visited upon Dark Balter. The fact he now rolls with the RRF was coincidental!

04/03/08 - reports that the RRF are in our territory prompted me to wake up suddenly...only to find I was feeling...well, a little dead. Zombies had broken into the hospital I had recently installed a generator into and killed me in my sleep. When will I learn? Don't sleep in resource buildings!!

24/02/08 - another Real Time battle saw me evict a FU Z (Illwind I think) from Joachim Mall. I wouldn't mind, but I was only there to restock on ammo. Think I've got less now than when I arrived!

19/02/08 - south Pennville is subject to attacks from the undead, but for every building that gets ruined we repair another. A few new PKers have been sighted around too, but nothing major to report.

11/02/08 - Joachim Mall seems to be holding out a bit better now, though saying that I was bitten in my sleep by a Z I recognised. Promptly went outside and shot it. Yes, pointless waste of ammo....but it's the principle of the thing! May well head back to Pennville shortly as there seem to be reports of a Z mob gathering in the southern parts of RPM territory.

06/02/08 - had a bit of a narrow escape when the Fire Station I was sleeping in got broken into. Had been somewhat mauled by the time I got myself out, though I doubt the other survivors in there were so lucky. Managed to check on the mall and found it largely secure. Time to try and consolidate it I think.

04/02/08 - so there I am, fighting a Z in real-time, and what do I do? Slap a bloody first aid kit on it, that's what! Had just killed and dumped another from the ruins of Joachim Mall and even repaired a ransacked corner too...oh well. Comedy moment and no mistake.

02/02/08 - we have retaken Joachim Mall but the surrounding buildings are under attack. Killed my 100th and 101st Zombies defending survivors in Neave Auto Repair today.

29/01/08 - back into the breach this morning to find a number of undead in the mall. Killed another pair but couldn't help but notice the lack of survivors around...have sent a message to the other RPM members to see if they can help defend Joachim. Am now only 2 Z's away from my hundred!

28/01/08 - was on hand to kill two Z's infesting the southwest corner of the mall and get the barricades back up...even had a spare generator to hand too. Closing in on my 100th zombie kill with the RPM!

23/01/08 - have moved over to lend support to Joachim Mall as it attempts to fight off an attack by the Feral Undead. Already chipped in by killing one of their number who was in human form. Am only 6 away from my 100th zombie kill whilst with the RPM - wonder if I'll get it here?

22/01/08 - Pennville is back in great shape with most Z's gone and all the resource buildings back up and running. Had time to go north and hunt down someone who is causing grief in the name of the RPM, but despite camping out in Edgecombe for two days my target remained dead. Still, will try for him again soon...just a pity that during my absence I missed a performance by the Drama Club at our very own Grinter Cinema!

11/01/08 - a trip down to Methodius hospital revealed one of my fellow RPMers under attack from a zombie - I blasted it out the building but could only loosely barricade the door. Half an hour later when I had some energy left I found that another Z had broken in, killed my collegue and taken a chunk out of me. That was just...well...rude...

27/12/7 - Christmas came and went, and apart from a couple of scratches I survived it. Was saddened to not secure a generator for our Christmas tree lights...but oh well. The RPM are hanging on to a portion of our turf, but large swathes of Pennville are still flattened from the recent second Big Bash. Straggler groups of z's are battling us for key buildings on a daily basis. All quite entertaining really, this is how a zombie apocalypse should be!

19/12/07 - tentative efforts to clear and barricade buildings are continuing. For now Fort Perryn seems to be bearing the brunt of the zombie horde.

14/12/07 - overspill from the nearby Big Bash and attacks by the Feral Undead are slowly eroding the human presence in northwest Pennville. But it's a good fight while it lasts! Think cat and mouse. Only this time the cat is undead and has friends.

04/12/07 - back to rescue the local NT building again. In a great combined effort the RPM evicted the 14 undead cluttering up the place and restored barricades and power within 24 hours. Bagged a couple myself.

15/11/07 - killed the last Z in the local NT building and got a gennie up and running too.

14/11/07 - a graffiti message in the local factory put me on the trail of a GKer rvike. Not having the sense to have run far from the scene of his act, I caught up with him in a local PD and killed him. He was already on the 'to kill' list for zerging anyway!

05/11/07 - what a great day! 2 revives dished out, a Z killed and a building repaired...and enough time to take fuel to the local NT building! Excellent!

31/10/07 - taking advantage of a lull in Z activity and a thick blanket of fog I and other RPM members have been clearing and rebarricading buildings in our suburb. We're having exceptionally good fortune at the moment despite there being one definite zerger cluttering up our revive point.

26/10/07 - dead again! And completely unnecessary....I misjudged the number of AP's I had to get to cover, and a roaming Z found me just 3 minutes from safety! Stupid....stupid!! If I had the co-ordination in my dead nerves and muscles I'd smack myself about the head.

24/10/07 - not the friendliest of welcomes to the suburb of Gulsonside - I was killed in my sleep during the defence of the Necrotech building just south of Blesley Mall. Fortunately the state of undeath didn't last too long, but there is a large Z presence over here and we're set for a long war of attrition.

23/10/07 - with a heavy heart the RPM have withdrawn from the devastated ruins of Pennville. The whole suburb has been overrun. Fortunately I escaped alive, and even now the rest of the RPM and other survivors are regrouping. We will return.

18/10/07 - the nearby Necrotech has fallen, and more and more buildings in the RPM's area are following. Looks like I chose a lively time to reappear!

16/10/07 - revived a victim of the Fort Perryn battle before discovering our local NT building breached by a dozen zombies. Was delighted to send Nuke Texas back out into the street, head first and with several bullets in his face...

14/10/07 - I'm back after a long time....and to celebrate I popped off a Z in the local hospital.

21/06/07 - you can always tell when a suburb is too safe when power is restored to none essential buildings. This is how Pennville is now; schools, warehouses; tower blocks...lights everywhere. Have duly moved out to Fryerbank for a bit more of a challenge.

05/06/07 - heading over to assist our allies of UBCS in a little spot of bother at their HQ. Our own territory is looking extremely good at the moment. Oh, and I found some cheery black clothing at our local mall. Not even a mark on it.

23/05/07 - the NW of Pennville is still under our control, though the Eastern part outside our patrol area is getting lively again. Some of our guys are out hunting a PKer in neighbouring suburbs, but not a lot else to report really.

12/05/07 - like a phoenix from the ashes, Pennville is rising again. The NE and NW is secure if not necessarily safe. Did my bit by getting a generator and fuel for Remigius Hospital. As of this minute 99% of our resource buildings are running.

09/05/07 - revived a comrade and unexpectedly ran into a guy on our 'to kill' list - minutes later, Nuke Texas was killed and dumped outside with the rest of the garbage.

08/05/07 - I narrowly avoided death a couple of days ago when I awoke to find a Z chewing on me (was down to just 9 HPs!) but managed to stagger to Remfrey Bank where a couple of GRR members helped me out. But now Remfrey is overrun, and things look grim for Pennville. We are reduced to hit-and-run revive dashes, and are only just maintaining a few scattered buildings within the suburb.

04/05/07 - endless days of fighting and reviving....moving from building to building....unlike a number of my compatriots I have escaped death during this major Z invasion, but it's damned hard work. I can't even say the RPM are holding their own, but we're not going to give up.

30/04/07 - awoken by the sight of 3 Z's in Grinter Cinema and an infected bite on my shoulder! With no ammo I could only barricade the place up, pop next door to the PD and shout for assistance, then forage for a FAK or two at the local hospital. Then on to Club Barling for the Batwing Brigades party! Brought over a couple of crates of beer as promised...

25/04/07 - it's been a busy couple of days, but the RPM and other survivors are slowly regaining control of NW Pennville. Grinter Cinema is back in our hands and revives are being dished out at the wasteland RP. Most buildings are cleared and have generators, but finding fuel is a problem. Still, Club Barling is secure for now, and I hope the party scheduled for the 30th by the The Batwing Brigade will still go ahead.

22/04/07 - what the hell?!? A series of garbled radio messages heralded the arrival of a huge Z influx to Pennville. Before you could say GRARGH Grinter Cinema and surrounding resource buildings had fallen. Luckily I avoided the initial assault, reviving one of my comrades before trying to figure the best way of countering this invasion.....

13/04/07 - another good day. Revived a Z at the wasteland, then attacked a small mob trying to get into Boole Fire station. My first shot was with a flare and the unfortunate Z died in flames! Pausing briefly to admire my handiwork I managed to drop another undead before withdrawing to safety.

10/04/07 - after an Easter break I resumed patroling - and within moments came across a breached Pasker Library, complete with 2 Z's mauling a survivor. Managed to kill them both, barricade the building and heal the injured fellow all in a flurry of activity.

04/04/07 - Today saw me kill my 50th Zombie in the name of the RPM! Celebrated by killing another, then misjudging how many APs I had left. Fell one short of safety - I now have an uncomfortable 30 minutes of sleeping outside and hoping I don't get discovered.....yesterday met the acquaintance of a Goth group headed by Penny Black, a really pleasant bunch by the looks of it. They want to adopt Club Barling as their spiritual home. Looking forward to the party scheduled for the 30th of this month!

19/03/07 - lots of work to do at the Revive Point - it seems neighbouring suburbs are taking a hammering and we're getting the overspill. But so far so good, I'm averaging 2 revives a day and managing to find a similar number of syringes daily at the local Necrotech.

11/03/07 - after battling for days at Voizey and Methodius I have returned closer to our base to keep the Revive Point manned. This means not only dishing out syringes to those in need but deterring Rotters from cluttering the place up. Said deterring to be done,of course, with coloured spray paint and a lead facelift.

06/03/07 - Dead again! This time at Methodius Hospital. Death it seems is like the buses, nothing for ages then 2 come at once. Shambled to the Revive Point and was gunned down by two uninformed nOObs! Yes, Iggydeath and RicoTubbs - I mean you.

05/03/07 - (later that day)......revivified already thanks to a colleague. Returned to Voizey to barricade the building, pausing to kill a Z infesting another of Pennville's PDs!

05/03/07 - Damn it, one of these days I'll learn not to tempt fate. Yesterday, however, was not that day. The Police station I was sleeping in got busted open whilst I slept and I was killed during the chaos...

04/03/07 - Together elements of RPM and GRR have retaken Methodius Hospital and Voizey PD. Both buildings are currently at EHB and powered. Don't think we lost anyone in the process, just a few teeth marks to show for it. Nice!

01/03/07 - began fighting back in southern Pennville. Enjoyed a double undead kill in Methodius hospital. Am hoping other RPM members can secure that place in the next hour or two.

28/02/07 - time for a quick update. Well, Z activity in the SE of Pennville seems to be on the increase, but there is also a bout of GKing going on around RPM turf too. The wasteland revive point is still running smoothly. But the biggest event has been the ratification of an alliance with GRR who we were at war with some months back. But despite their methods, they are undoubtably useful allies. Just look at their impressive kill tally of CDF members...

12/02/07 - back after a short break to find myself dead, courtesy of someone calling himself Dark Balter. Don't know (or care) who or why, but I look forward to meeting him again.

31/01/07 - cleared the overrun local Necrotech Building and am hoping others can get the barricades up before the Z's outside shuffle back in. Really need that building secure and powered again, as I'm completely out of syringes.

30/01/07 - action in Pennville at last! Returned to Grinter to find Z's out in force with a lot of key buildings breached. Had to revive 2 of my RPM comrades before getting down to some killing and barricading. Finally! Something to do!

21/01/07 - found zameco,a member of the Feral Undead spying out a local factory. Took care of him.

17/01/07 - have decided to patrol the suburb's radio mast, owing to a complete lack of activity around HQ. Found and killed two undead outside the nearby church before settling down.

4/01/07 - my first act of the new year was to visit the local NT builing in Scarletwood. Was dismayed to find the doors wide open and a Z inside. Killed and dumped that one outside, barricaded up and refuelled the generator.

24/12/06 - It may be Christmas Eve but that didn't stop a Z from chewing on a survivor outside the local fire station. Neither did it stop me from dropping the undead thing into the dirt, and still having enough AP to make it home for brandy and carols. Festive greetings to all who read this :).

19/12/06 - Well isn't this nice? Christmas is a-coming, and a trip to the mall has yielded a fake fir tree and some cheerful green lights. Will place them at Grinter Cinema - wonder how long it'll take for some b*****d to come and spoil it?

11/12/06 - another day breaks, and I happily notice Captain Kiryuu standing up again. This time I used his extremeties for target practice before putting the sorry little GKer face down in the dirt once more. Same time tomorrow Captain?

10/12/06 - have moved down to Fort Perryn to see what assistance I can lend. Was immediately delighted to see the zombified form of one of our most regular GKers, a certain Captain Kiryuu stood outside the Gatehouse. Made a mess of him. Hope he stays around because I'm going to keep him on the ground in either human or zombie form.

5/12/06 - found an injured survivor outside Club Barling last night, being attacked by a Z. Gave him a temporary reprieve by offing his attacker and patching him up, just hope he came round in time to get to cover.

1/12/06 - this is more like it! Went on patrol and found a Z by a warehouse. Killed it and another one turned up, biting and chewing! Put that one down too. It's far more interesting when they fight back.....

28/11/06 - tales abound of an attempted coup within the PKer group Red Rum...time will tell what the upshot of that will be. Fort Perryn has been completely overrun by Z's; it was a deathtrap, the defenders found out too late that they couldn't dump bodies outside the fort wall itself. Grim.

20/11/06 - levels of PKing and generator destruction are very high in Pennville at the moment. It's so disappointing that some survivors choose this easy way of getting their fun. I mean where's the challenge in hitting a generator? Or killing someone who has no idea you are hostile so cannot try and protect themselves with stealth? Maybe they're just too lazy to play as Zombies. Or maybe they were picked on at school. Still, as long as it's allowable in the game the majority of players will have to just deal with it. Or quit.

17/11/06 - today I had the honour of welcoming the great journal writer Karen Howard to Pennville. Unfortunately she was dead at the time, but one quick syringe later I was able to say a quick hello before getting to cover.

16/11/06 - an interesting 24 hours. Woke up yesterday covered in blood and with no pulse. Had been PKed by FlaggerBoy, a member of ASS. Turns out it was retalliation for killing Faunt earlier....anyway, shuffled over to our revive point where I was revivified by a collegue within hours. When I stood up I found another of the RPM dead, so resurrected him. Even had enough time to put down a Z that was trying to barge into a local PD too. All in all a busy day.

14/11/06 - well, here we go. Revivified 2 zombies at the RP and then found a wounded member of Red Rum called Faunt who PKed one of the RPM earlier. Repaid the favour. As the addage my shoes, what would HE have done.......?

10/11/06 - back after another ammo restocking run to find no Z's at all around our HQ. News is filtering in from the northwest that Caiger Mall is set to fall. It is a grave day for humanity if that is the case. (pun intended).

07/11/06 – after a couple of days re-stocking on ammo I went for a wander outside. One of our local PD’s had a couple of Z’s putting a dent in the barricades, so I opened up with everything I had. When the smoke cleared they were both still stood there – one more holes than flesh, but still standing! Have got to learn to aim better……(seriously, over 35 AP’s spent shooting with shells and bullets to get the first Zombie down to 1 damn HP before I had to withdraw……65% chance ‘to hit’ my ass :P)

04/11/06 - our new revive point at wasteland has already attracted it's first phoney...a member of the Feral Undead I recognised as betard was cluttering up the place. So I gave him several lead based injections, and managed to crisp him with another flare. Having quite a good run on these at the moment.....

02/11/06 - checked out our revive point at Club Barling last night and found a couple of rotters in the queue. Lit the first Z up with one of my flares (just love it when those things hit home!) before putting it face down in the street. Ran out of AP's before I could finish off the second, but I'll get back to him soon...

31/10/06 - a strange, unearthly fog has descended around the streets. Went for a quick patrol but can't see a damn thing. Muffled groans came through the mist but it was impossible to determine direction or distance. After tripping over the fifth dead body I have resolved to lie low inside HQ and shoot anyone who knocks at the door.....

29/10/06 - another revivication of one of my group. And I may have been killed overnight too but for the timely intervention of my old buddy Cinerayone who popped the Z attacking me and patched me up. Cheers fella!

27/10/06 - revivified not one but two of my collegues today - this dratted Feral Undead tour is wreaking some havoc!

24/10/06 - cannot seem to find much ammo this past few days. But have scavenged enough to pop over to Empson Grove PD which has been overrun by Z's. Killed one, plenty more to follow by the looks of things.

18/10/06 - woke to find a Z standing over me. It was one of the Feral Undead, a group I've been aware of but not encountered until today. Well, I've opened diplomatic relations with them now ('diplomatic' in a 'shooting repeatedly in the face and dumping outside' kind of way).

17/10/06 - still popping off the odd Z around Corless, although the building itself is now secure. A computer glitch seems to have made my original WIKI username/password invalid. Crap.

11/10/06 - Woke up still in the land of the living. Two other survivors have joined me and one patched me up. Celebrated by returning to Corless PD and blasting another Z - hope it was the one that chewed on me yesterday.

10/10/06 - Ow. Started on a group of Z's and found one starting to chew back at me. Wasted 2 Z's in the fight, but am injured and bleeding in a building all by myself. Have to rest up for a few hours. The Z followed me to outside the building next door....hope I lost it....

05/10/06 - Some asshole called Barmund attacked me whilst I was resting in Osmondville. Foolishly he failed to finish me off. And even more foolishly, he was still in the same building as me. Checked his stats and it was mostly Z skills. I awarded him the 'Most Useless Zombie Spy of the Week' award before shooting him full of holes and dumping him outside.

28/09/06 - Yesterday revived two Z's at our official revivification point. A sweep of Pennville reveals it is in very good shape; very few Z's on the streets and loads of survivors inside well barricaded buildings.

Was somewhat surprised to see one of the original founders of the PFM stood in the middle of GRR HQ. Later discovered he was trying to make peace with them....but seeing how he was on half HP when I saw him, I don't think they were in the mood to listen......

22/09/06 - Killed another Z and barricaded another building. Got to keep a running record of kills/revives........

21/09/06 - Still alive. Have begun securing buildings in the far north of Pennville. Killed my first Z in the name of RPM.

18/09/06 - Have been with the RPM for 4 days now and no sign of any GRR Pking. They seem to have kicked one of their rogue members. So far so good. But lets see what happens when I once more start sleeping in Pennville.....