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Character Stats or Character Statistics are the two boxes you see in game that reside beneath the 3x3 map.

Character Statistics as seen in-game.

The Top Box (AKA statistics box)

There are two lines of text that you see on the top box of your Character Interface. The first displays your name and title. The second displays your level and class.


HP stands for Health Points. When you lose all of your HP, you die.


MP stands for Magic Points, used for casting spells. You do not die if you lose all of your MP.


XP stands for Experience Points, used to level up and purchase skills.

To next level

This section of your Character Stats displays how many more Experience Points you need to progress to the next level. This can usually be shortened to "tnl".


This section shows your Karma.


This section shows how much money your character currently has with them. It doesn't include coins kept in the bank.


BP stands for Battle Points. You use a battle point each time you attack, whether you hit or miss.


The Inventory shows all that your character is carrying. If an item is light purple, this shows that it can be used. If an item is on the top half of the Inventory, then it will be discarded when you are killed. Do not worry though, once you are resureccted, you may return to this spot to reclaim your belongings.

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