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Mr Leon

Was a Sniper in training and then all hell broke lose in Malton and he became an assassin of zombies full time. He was content with the loner's life of killing zombies and moving along improving his skills and knowledge of the area as he went. Then he came across a horde and realised that one man on his own was never going to be safe in a city full of PKer's and zombies that kept getting up (with a higher lead content than previously admittedly but getting up nevertheless). A group of dedicated survivors had to exist somewhere he just knew it... and then at last he found one.

The Crimson Clan

He joined just as the group was making its move to Havercroft, joining a dedicated group of survivors that would survive and aid others to survive no matter what the zombies threw at them. Within its ranks he steadily progressed to the point of a Private First Class (one with all the survivor skills), the Home Guard was a great place to be: a group of allies that could clear a building of zeds so fast sometimes the inhabitants would not even wake up before the peace was restored, helpful advice and the occasional battle with a horde of zeds or two. What more could he ask for?

My UrbanDead profile

Member of The Crimson Clan

Zone W Sergeant
Enjoys: Killing the RRF
Hobbies: Removing PKers from town!

Mr Leon
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: HG Sgt.
Joined the Clan: August 4th, '07
Character profile: 933902


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