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The Loving father of the late PICT in humorus suggestions.


Character class (Note: for those of you who don't know, picts were a rowdy civilization of northern English barbarians.)

Starting skill: Brawl

Note: picts cannot read or buy non-pictish skills for non-melee attacks unless as a zombie.

Starting items keg of beer, and kilt new skills:

  • Kilt chute when wearing a kilt you can not die by jumping off of a building
    • Armored kilt kilts act as flack jackets
  • Brawl after drinking a keg of beer you gain quadruple xp for hitting someone with your fists they gain this ability on being hit you can do nothing else other than punch
    • Multi task you can do things other than punch in a brawl
    • Hit you over the head with a bar stool you can use any melee weapon to start a brawl
      • It's fun attacking in a brawl causes the person to automatically become a brawler and swing at a random person for no ap
        • Random things you attack randomly with tables, stools, and bottle for 2 or 3 damage
          • Stop for a drink when drinking a beer in brawling mode you automatically gain 5 ap and 20 hp
          • Destroy the bar when brawling in a building you lower the chance to find anything by 20%
  • Drunken singing when you drink a keg of beer you automatically say "Ghflgesk", "*Hic*", or "Show me the way to go home. I'm tired and I want to go to bed. I had a little drink about an hour ago, and it's gone straight to my head! Wherever you may roam, be it land or sea or foam, you will always hear me singing this song, show me the way to go home." (If ocean side, there is a 1% of being bitten for 49 damage by a zombie shark.)
    • Bad Breath for 5 ap after drinking a keg of beer, you gain a new attack to knock down for 50 hp of damage, but survivors dropped by this attack don't stand up as zombies.
  • Sticky fingers you gain a steal button to randomly seal something from someone
    • Pillage you get 10 random items and set fire to the building
    • Distraction you set fire to anyone you steal from
  • Oversized sword use adds 7.5% to hit with a oversized sword. Requires melee weapon proficiency.
    • Centrifugal sword swing attacks all players in the same square when attacking with a Oversized Sword
  • Fun with Dick and Jane Your pict can now read
    • Fun with your Dick and Jane you can now gain xp similar to DNA extraction by using the new Play! button on survivors that have not been Play!ed in the last 12 hours.
  • Mounted combat payer can attack on a horse with melee weapons
    • Soothing touch can attack with guns on a horse
      • Ungelating can Play! while on a horse
        • Duel Ungelating can Play! while both players are on horses
  • Barbarian hero Required level 20 you gain double xp from killing all non female survivors and all zombies. You gain double xp from all melee attacks and quadruple for all unarmed attacks
    • Realization a Pict can buy military and civilian skills and use all normal weapons as he has now developed enough civilization to truly realize what guns, FAK's, and ammo are for.
      • Monkey scientists through copying scientists you are now able to understand and purchase scientist skills.
  • Cunning basterd Required level 67 (can be purchased as a zombie) You are now the strongest you can possibly be, you gain a once every 24 hours attack to send a players within one square of you 20 squares away in a random direction. Does not work on other Cunning basterds. Killing another cunning basterd allows you to automatically revive them with special serum as a Reconstructed slave who is female can be Play!ed at any time, follows you any were you go with no choice to the player, and is now a beautiful woman who automatically kills anyone else who tries to Play! her or the Cunning basterd who killed her. Anyone killed by the Reconstructed slave automatically becomes another Reconstructed slave for the Cunning basterd who killed her.

New Items:

Kilt Useless without proper skills. Found in museums

Keg of beer 12 combined beers combined for 1 ap. Drinking is 1ap and has the effects of drinking all beers simultaneously. Found in bars

Oversized sword Melee weapon base to hit 2.5% damage 6. Found in museums

Horse 100 ap, can only move, gains 1 ap every 15 min, can be mounted for 1 ap and ridden, A player with a horse can not pass barricades, a player on a horse cannot attack, the horse has 70hp and is automatically attacked instead of the player. Found in NecroTech buildings (for experimenting)


  • For all of you scientists having problems with levling up and who have had enough strength to read this far, go to an armory and DNA scan zombies, no one eles does it they just shoot them or chop on them. I eared about 88 xp that way in one day, after spending 5-10 ap baricading!
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