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Mr NoName001
No tie in this shot
Joined: September 22nd, 2006.
Character class: Police officer?
Favorite equipment: A pair of EAA 45's, and a new over under shotgun.
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: The Northern Regiment
Character stats: (As of Oct. 27th) never bothered to keep track.
Journal: updated as it happens for Mr NoName001

New EAA 45
New EAA 45
This is my BOOM stick!

Ash said:
Good.......Bad.......I'm the guy with the gun.

Alt Persona Nurelcobecause sometimes one just isn't enough

it's the only 001 badge I could find


Not An Alarm Clock

I woke up today. I don't know how long I was sleeping for. When I awoke I was buried under a pile of trash and bodies. That was the first smell that filled my nostrels when I inhaled. Adrenaline rushed through my body, and there was a buzzing in my ears as I took my first few steps. I tried to get my bearings but the city seems to have changed while I was asleep. Most of the buildings are burned or otherwise ruined. There are broken down cars and boarded up windows as far as I can see. I check my pockets for anything that might tell me who I am or where I'm from. I find a badge in my pocket, number 001. There's part of an ID, most of it looks like it was bitten off. All I can read is the street address, 1210 Patridge Grove, Darkerstown. I clip the badge on my belt and stuff the ID back into my pocket. I try to brush myself off but I seem to be covered in gore and filth, I try not to imagine where it's from. As I make my way down the street I notice a police station. Chaffey Alley, in Heytown. Long way from Darkerstown. I wander inside makeing my way past a pile of desks and vending machines to be greeted by a group of people that are holding shotguns and various pistols in my face. After a few moments of tense conversation they realize that I'm not much of a threat and allow me to come in. I'm still in a bit of a bewildered state when they tell me about the zombies. When I'm shown the fresh hypodermic injection site on my arm. They tell me what year it is and I realize that I've been asleep for 2 years! 2 years since I last saw my wife and daughter. I wonder if there alive? No there alive, or else I have nothing and I might as well go back to the pile I came from. I scrounge through the armory and manage to find a couple 1911 colt 45's with a few spare clips. I strap a bullet proof vest over my ruined shirt and bid the locals a fond farewell. I need to explore the city and make my way home, but first I need some new clothes and maybe some more gear.

Fort Creedy

I made my way to Fort Creedy. It took me a week and a half. I can't believe there are really zombies in the city. It seems every building worth being in has been barricaded so heavily that I can't get in. It's forced me to sleep in the streets for a few days. I must say I don't like wakeing up while someone is chewing on me. I managed to break into an apartment tower, Ostler towers, and found an apartment that was pretty much intact. I spent a few days there getting my self a little expierence in the new Malton. It's not a nice place. I went through the closet and found a nice suit, a little bit Miami vice, but still better then what I had on. I kept my bullet proof vest though. To many people out there with guns now days. After a couple days in Ostler towers I decided I had a pretty good grasp on things so I set out for the fort again. I managed to make it there, although I almost wish I hadn't. It seems that the fort has been taken over by every gun toteing wannabe out there. If there not panicking about a random zed walking by there continously pileing more and more things in front of the doors. I grabbed a couple shotguns and a mess of ammo from the mostly bare armory, a pair of goggles from the vehicle depot, and I headed out. It's never a good idea to be around several hundred people that shoot at shadows.

A Journey North

I started out for home after leaveing the "Fort". I made my way past the buffet called giddings mall only shook my head at the piles of old store dummies and display cases that had been so carefully placed to block the massive holes in the wall. Not much safety in a building with holes in it and so much activity that a blind deaf zed could find it. I made my way to the Chippet Grove PD. There was only a couple people here. Not much defense, but at least not panicky, or trigger happy. I spent a few days wandering around Spracklingbank and Paynterton. Killing the occasional Zed, but feeling like I'm useing a thimble to bail the ocean every time I do. I wish I had a shovel so I could at least bury them when there down. Might take them a little longer to get back up then? I've found it easier to move between buildings and get past the barricades. I'm getting back my skills with a gun again to. At least I think I used to be able to shoot? I find my self delaying the journey towards home. I don't think I'm going to like what I find when I get there. This time in the city is helping me some though. I remembered my wifes, and daughters name the other day. It made me smile to think I was getting back my memory. The time I'm spending isn't a total waste though. I have made a few friends, and enemies. Seems people don't have much of an issue with killing others that have survived the zeds, and starvation. I've noticed there is almost no food in the city, but plenty of booze! Lots of wine and beer. I find myself moveing from one PD to a hospital to another PD and so on so that I can keep myself stocked on ammo and first aid kits. One day I wandered into an old library. A pair of zeds stood in the midddle of it apparently shutdown after exerting themselfs from destroying the place. I showed them the way out. I didn't leave though, I found myself compelled to start repairing the building. I had spotted a tool box a few days before and went back for it so I could start fixing it up. I easily put together a barricade from the debris and started cleaning up the inside. I figure a few days delay won't hurt things to much.

Bad Luck

Sometimes it just seems that fate is against you. I got lucky when I was woken up, I got lucky when I found the PD with survivors in it, I got lucky when I found the guns, but what good are guns without ammo? What good is a building without power to give you light? It seems no matter how much I search some of the abandoned buildings around me I can't find anything usefull. I've found myself held up in a PD that is filled to the brim with survivors, but not a round of ammo to be found in any of the old lockers. Just when I'm ready to give up I kick over one of the lockers in frustration and low and behold a half full box of shotgun shells laying in the space underneath it! Better then nothing I suppose. I think I'd rather have a handfull of clips for my Colts but beggers can't be choosers. I suppose the best luck I've had is the journal I found when I broke into that school a few weeks back, that and the box of pens I found. Then again what is the point of carrying around paper and pens in this city? I guess it's helping me get out some of my frustrations at not remembering who I am. I guess being NoName is better then nothing? I found a mirror the other day when I was searching through a bathroom in a warehouse. I almost shot it when I didn't recognize the person in it. I took a minute to look closer at myself. I have dark hair and eyes, there was some scruff since I haven't been able to shave in a while. I'm surpriseed my white suit is still clean. I can't figure out how the blood and dirt dosen't stick to it? I guess things are getting a little sticky south of me by the mall and fort, but I have no intention of helping them out, there not worth the effort. Besides there's some 700 trenchies sitting behind the walls anyway. Maybe this will inspire them to get out and move around a little. Might do them some good. It's getting dark, and I only have a few candles left for my lantern so I'm going to eat a few of the protein bars I found and go to sleep. Maybe tomorrow I'll find a few more rounds for my guns?

The Cause Or The Cure

I found my self standing outside of the Dewell building the other day. It's a bit oof an imposeing place. I can't say that I like it. I went inside to poke around for gear as I usually do. There was noone inside, but a generator could be herd humming in the bowels of the building. There was a glow from the necrotech sign in the lobby, and the dull gray light from the flourscents overhead cast a pall over the place. There were signs of recent activity from people living there. Piles of dirty clothes and discarded food containers, along with the occasional personal affects. I managed to find a lab and an operateing room. Although I don't think the O.R. was being used as benevelently as it seems? I poked around the lab for a while and found some sort of scanner device. It was in its original box so I was able to read the directions, and I have a pretty good understanding of it. It's called a DNA Extractor. You jab a corpse with it and it tells you info about it. Kinda a nice toy to have. I saw a stack of syringes in a nice clean medical storage cabinet, but I have no idea how to use them, and I have other things to do besides jabbing people with pointy things. I guess I might spend some time in the Necrotech lab at a later date so I can get a little expierence in one. Might help out? Although some of the notes I found seem to point to Necrotech being involved in the whole zed outbreak in the first place. How could a medical research company cause a zombie outbreak? How did all this happen? Why was I so far from home? I need to get there. I need to start heading that way, no more delays. I'll set out in the next week. The answers are out there, I just need to find them.

Walking, I'm Walking

I started out for the north end of Malton today. Finally leaveing Spracklingbank. I passed the library I had started rebuilding, someone else finished my work. It's nice to at least see it rebuilt before I leave. Barricaded up so that the few people that don't know what there doing yet can still get in. I crossed into Gibsonton and found a hospital so heavily closed up that I couldn't get in from the ground floor. I climbed up onto the crosswalk of a nearby rail station and used it to jump to one of the windows on the second floor of the St.Johns Hospital. As I wandered the halls I found a small handfull of fellow survivors inside. I spent some time looking through the various wards and storage rooms, finally scroungeing up enough stuff to put together a couple first aid kits. I think I'm going to spend the night here. Even if the Zeds seem to like pokeing there heads into these places. It should be safe enough. I know I should spend some time reading some of the first aid manuals around here, but I just don't have the energy, and they all just look like jibberish when I try to read them in the dark. It's been such a long time since I've been in a hospital. It dosen't smell like I remember. Not that clean cold smell, more of a musty, lingering death bitterness to the air. I'm glad I don't stay in places like this often. I wonder how my house is? I remember it was painted tan, and it had a deep red front door. I wonder if it's still there?

Guns,Phones, and New Shoes

Safety is a relative term in this city. I've noticed that Malton is getting safer as I'm heading north though. I haven't seen a Zed in a few days, and I'm makeing excellent time as I move toward the northern border. I got into another PD and as I searched around I found a pair of brand new European American Amory (EAA) 45's. Fresh clips and all. They were in a locker with a heavy duty padlock on it. I guess no one noticed that the name on the locker and the name on the set of keys hanging on the wall were the same? I geared up and hit the street again. As I made my way through Gibsonton into Rolt Heights I found a club with wide open doors. No one was inside so I began looking around a little. I found a couple bottles of booze and a cell phone still behind the bar. It had the charger sitting with it, although it is pink, but I guess I can't be to picky about that. Must have been the bartenders. By the time I left the club I'd killed a few hours and it was starting to get dark. I started looking for a place to hold up for the night. I noticed a cell phone tower with its lights flashing on top of an apartment building a couple blocks over so I decided to head that way. The place was locked up pretty tight so I climbed up to the second floor from a nearby building and was able to shimmy across a couple powerlines to get inside. The place was in pretty good shape. I guess it was mostly empty when things went South? As I wandered the halls looking into diffrent apartments I found myself drawn to the photos and nicknacks people had left behind. Everything is covered in a heavy layer of dust, especially on the upper floors. I guess few people ever make it up this far. I found a closet with clothes my size. I decided to keep the white suit anyway, but I grabbed a nnew pair of boots. The old ones were getting pretty nasty with gore. After that I climbed up to the roof and looked out over the city to the North. The pair of Binoculars I had requisitioned from the fort a couple days back came in handy. No one on the streets. I would think the place was a ghost town if it wasn't for everything being repaired. I sat down on the roof with one of the bottles from the bar. I think this is where I'm going to spend the night. Looks like the weather is going to be nice.

Bullets and Bumps in the Fog

I left my tower and began to explore my sourroundings some. I figured the walking was a good idea for breaking in the new shoes anyway. I runded a corner and found myself face to face with a handfull of moaning rotters! I pulled out my shot gun and fired off the two shots I had left. Then I ppulled out my pistols and began fireing away, unfortunately all to quickly I heard the distinctive click of the slides locking back as the final rounds were ejected from there chambers. Outta ammo, no axe, and I can feel a chill comeing on as the sky starts to darken. I turned and ran from the group. There puetrid smell lingering in my nose as they shuffled after. As I ran through an alley I jumped up and grabbed hold of a low hanging fire escape. I climbed up a couple stories and found a plank of wood that had been layed across to the PD next door. I quickly worked my way across it aand pulled it over to the roof. I was able to get into the PD through a roof hatch that used to be used to service the old A/C units. The building was packed. More people then I had seen in days. They were a little surprised at a person popping in likr I did but didn't seem to mind another pair of eyes, and guns. I was able to quickly scrounge up some more ammo for my shotgun and both my 45's. Felt good to have a few spare clips and an extra box of shells on me again. I found a quiet place in one of the corners, tossed down a blanket I carried with me and decided to take a nap. A little after midnight I was woken up by the sound of worried talking. I got up and asked what was going on, only to be told to look outside. I poked my head through a hole in one off the boarded up windows and could instantly feel the cold wet kiss of the fog. It seems the same thing happend the year before, or so I was told anyway. It was so heavy I couldn't see across the street to the building next door. I think I'm going to wait it out here. At least I can keep looking for some more ammo while I'm held up. I hope the other survivors are ok. I guess I'll find out when the fog lifts.

Clear Day,and a Locked Door

Finally the fog lifted and the sun shone again on the necropolis of Malton. I wandered out of my safehouse and began working my way north again. I have seen hardly any zeds in the past few days. In my rooftop running I came across Treweeke Mall. I hadn't seen a mall in a long time. I was able to get in through one of the adjacent buildings and look around a little. Despite the building being in a pretty severe state of disrepair it appears to be pretty well stocked with gear. I think I might stick around the area for a while untill I am able to better search through one of these giant store houses. I began wandering around the suburb and found nearly every building to be boarded up tight. So much so that I was unable to find a way into any of them. On the edge of the burb I found a small hoard of a half dozen zeds takeing refuge near the border. I was exhausted and found a space in an alley to hide while I rested for a while. As I sat there a memory came back to me of haveing been somewhere like this before. Only I couldn't remember it clearly. Almost like a sheet had been pulled over my face. I remembered tearing at something, agonized screaming, then something warm in my mouth. I shook off the memory being rested now and began my search for a place to rest for the evening. A couple blocks from where I had stopped I found a hospital with a couple dozen survivors inside. I get the feeling that I'll be safe here. I just can't bring myself to sleep in the street. Must just be my survivor instinct kicking in. Maybe it's just that I don't want to have any more of those memories.

A New Friend, a Delayed Journey

So I made a new friend while I have been in Dulston. He's a nice guy, helping me survive around here a little. He told me about a tradition that was started in the city not so long ago. On the 5th of every November survivors make for the suburb of Ridleybank in an attempt to retake the area from what I am told is a long standing Zed menace. I have decided to delay my journey to Darkerstown and join in this fight. If my family is still alive a few more days delay after 2 years won't make a diffrence. Now if only I knew the area we are headed for better.

War, and The Dead

We made it to Ridley Bank. There are lots of walking dead here. Lots of survivors have been makeing baricade runs into the Suburb. Repairing buildings and leaveing again so that they don't have to spend the night in the most dangerous areas. My small band of friends and I have taken refuge in a derelict hospital inside the suburb. I should mention that there are quite a few more of us then initially set out. From a start of two we have expanded our group to now nine of us. I think our strike force will make good impact on this massive battle. I only hope our goals aren't beyond our means.
3 Days in Hell, and Counting
I find myself in a hell where one can never sleep. To sleep, to rest, is to die. Some, thing is always tearing at the doors. If there not at the doors there inside. This is a truly dead neighbourhood, but I'm not giving up hope yet. I found a new shotgun in the chaos, a nice synthetic stocked over under. A little lighter then the old wood one I was carrying. It is a bit of a comfort to have a new weapon, even if there are to many targets. The group I have been working with has stuck together pretty well. The Hospital we were staying in has come under heavy attack the past day and there are zeds inside almost constantly, but I remain optomistic about us holding on. From what others that have arrived are saying, our little invasion has pulled zeds from all over the southern end of Malton. Hard to believe that a few people could cause so much trouble for so many of the twice dead. I only hope that our war, and sacrifice can bring some relief to those that are under seige from the traveling hordes.
Day ?
I don't know what day it is. I came to in a cemetary with that familiar sting in my neck. Apparently we lost the Hospital. I made my way to a near by police department and rested for a few hours, then I searched it throughly for more ammunition. I found plenty in this place. I guess being so close to this hotbed of twice dead activity they need it. I made my way back to the hospital we had been staying in and found it over run with icor covered fiends. I was abel to muscle my way inside and search around through the rubble a bit. I found a note burried under some trash from my friends. Since we had all gotten seperated they didn't want to leave without letting me know what had happened. Apparently we faught to nearly the last man. Many didn't make it, but enough did. More to the point it seems by attacking there heart we have pulled pressure off of all the other neighbourhoods in the city. I guess our little band did make a diffrence since we forced them to come back. Who would have thought a bunch of dead would have the ability to communicate so well with one another. Then again maybe it was just so much food in one place? I think I'm going to see what else I can find out while I'm in the area. I hope my freinds realize how much I enjoyed there company, but eventually I will have to make my way home........eventually.

Head West Young Man

It's been a week since the fifth and we have drawn the undead in massive numbers back to one single suburb. So the plan worked and like the cattle they are the twice dead left the other areas for an unimportant suburb sourrounded by survivor controlled ones. If only all plans worked so well. With this little side quest done I will continue west.....towards home? I'm not sure what to expect between here and there. From what I've heard there are quite a few safe survivor held suburbs on the way. I expect a fairly mundane journey, one that will give me time to think. I feel perhaps I am more afraid of that then anything else I have to face here. I don't want to rememebr what happpened. I just want to find my family. It is growing late, and it's raining again. I think I'm going to stay in this police department and tomorrow I set out for the west.

A Quick Run Through Hell

I found in the rain I can move faster then when the sky's are clear and the ground is dry. It seems that the rotters can't track me as well when the water is constantly washing the scent away. I managed to cross four suburbs in only a few short hours. I saw only a few of the twice dead standing blankly in the streets on the way. They seemed to merely stand in the falling rain swaying outside whatever building they had been beating on before. Seems the area to the north here is more secure then where I had been. I was able to get into a Police Department here in West Boundwood. I figure I'll spend the night here and then work my way the last few suburbs to Darkerstown. The closer I get to home the more I get this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I had another dream last night. One where everything was hazy but I could smell and taste. I was eating something, but I don't know what it was. There was screaming in the background, but I couldn't tell what they were saying. I almost heard there names. I think I heard my name, but I can't remember it?

Home At Last

So I've finally made it to Darkerstown. At least to the edge. I'm hold up in the old Blackman Building. I remember seeing it before. It was in pretty bad shape when I got here. I closed up the doors and fixed up the inside. I had enough daylight left to throw some things in front of the doors before all the daylight was lost. Tomorrow I'm going to scout the town out some and work my way closer to Patridge Grove. I hope things aren't as bad further in as they are here on the edge. I find my self so close to home, but not wanting to see it yet. First thing though is survival. I have to make sure that no matter what happens I can keep going on. I'm going to have to make some friends around here. I hope I can find some people to help rebuild. I guess only the comeing days will tell. The light is almost gone, and I don't want to waste the last of my candles yet.

Death Fills The Air

I have been fighting for days without sleep. I have been chased over three suburbs by Rotters. Forced from quickly established safe houses, store houses, supply houses. I have started running low on ammo, but I am still optomistic. I have found some friends to help in the fight. We are going to turn things around. All we have to do is get organized and close enough to fight together. We are beating down the Zeds in the Pask building and prepareing to start bringing the recently deceased back to the living. The more we bring back, the more allies we will have. We will turn this suburb around, so I can see my home again.

Total War

I was forced from Dakers. There were just to many of the undead and not enough survivors to make it work. I fell back all the way to Quarelsbank. I have found enough survivors here to survive at the moment. We have been fighting tooth and nail to hold onto the area. I have been forced from one building to another. I have run out of ammo, but recently we were able to take hold of the Calvert Mall again. It's not an easy fight. There are zeds trying to get in even as I write this. People are constantly throwing more stuff onto the barricades to hold out the rambleing rotters. I still haven't seen home yet. I know I'll get there, but I can't abandon these people now. It's a good fight worth doing right.

And War Moves On

I have found myself in the company of a group of survivors calling them selfs The Northern Regiment. Upon talking with there leader Blane I decided to join there ranks and help bring the fight too the zeds. However to do this I had to leave the extreme North West to join up with the rest of the group. I found myself back in the last place I ever wanted to be, near Ft Creedy. The fort has fallen, and I'm not to surprised at this, I am surprised at the number of people that have come to fight on the neighbourhood's behave. The zeds of the Big Bash are not nearly as tough as I had thought they would be. There are lots of them, but they don't seem terribly organized so fighting them off is all about being more organized then the hoard. I have kept in touch with the friends I made up in the Dead North West, things are sounding better up there lately. I hope after pushing this hoard of rotters back we can make our way back up there to help reclaim the empty streets of my hometown.

The Titanic Sinks

They said it was unsinkable, they said it couldn't be taken by the hoards, turns out both were wrong. Fort Creedy fell at the hands of a mass of zombies known as the Big Bash 2. Ineffectual tactics on behave of it's defenders contributed massively to the fall of one of the most easily defended locations in all of Malton. There was an early assualt by enemy survivors who managed to kill or injure quite a few of the defenders, but by the time the zeds rolled in that damage had already been repaired. Apparently the survivors inside the fort had become so complacent with there imagined invincibility that there death was merely a matter of time not question. The remaining survivors in the suburb are easily holding the mall and remaining NT facility, so those who attempted to defend the fort should feel rightly ashamed. Hopefully those that walked away with there lives will see the error of their ways and will change them.

30 Days In Hell

For a month we held it. Against swelling numbers of foul and rotting undead. I found old friends among those that had come to hold this mall against the shuffleing hoard of brainless teeth. Kikashie from the ELT whom I had not seen in many weeks came with his fellows to throw in with us. My fellows in the Northern Regiment put up a proud, and well planned fight. We killed hundreds of them, and they in kind returned the favor. My fellows and I occasionally struck out to secure buildings on the perifery of the hoards attack. We kept the cell phone tower powered, and secured the auto shops several time to ensure a steady flow of fuel into the mall. We struck out and killed several members of survivors that were attacking us with the hopes of seeing the mall fall. The vultures held off untill the very end when most of the survivors had either been eaten or fled before they returned. My fellows and I seeing that the buildings were lost when the zeds figured out how to prevent us from barricadeing after they had entered decided to travel on once they had fallen as we had thought they would. We travel west now. Away from that hall of carnage known as Giddings. A month we held it. A month we stopped those retched creatures. It was worth every minute of it. Hopefully we can carry on our good fight in the wretched west.


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