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Murray Jay Suskind has grown into one of the more infamous players in UD over time. He is most famous for his primary alt, Murray Jay Suskind, the former Papa of the RRF. However, he has alts (who always stay far apart and don't work towards the same strategic and tactical objectives) that play the game in almost every way possible.

Murray Jay Suskind

Murray Jay Suskind
Joined: 2006-6-29
Character class: Zombie!
Favorite equipment: Claws and Teeth
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Undead
Character group: Ridleybank Resistance Front
Character stats: Level 42, Almost 13K XP (mostly from bashing cades since around 10K)
Journal: No thanks for Murray Jay Suskind

A former professor of American Environments at the College on the Hill, Murray Jay Suskind moved to Malton to study the larger dynamic of Human / Zombie interaction eventually intellectually migrating to the disturbing practice of freaky Zombie sex. One of his surviving notebooks contained the following finding: "violent thrashing... creation of orifaces... more violent thrashing."

One day he left Malton on vacation, taking a trip to the Most Photographed Barn in America. This was the last place he was seen alive, presumably killed by the undead hoards shortly after his return.

Professor Suskind is known for sampling the flesh of collegues' wives, infecting members of the Blackmore Bastard Brigade, comparing Elvis' historical impact to Hitler's, plotting to "live" (live being a relative term as he is, in fact, undead) analysing the cultural impact of cereal boxes and shattering survivor resistance at the Blackmore Building.

It was these efforts at the Blackmore Building that lead Professor Suskind to join the Ridleybank Resistance Front. Once a member of the RRF, Murray Jay promptly joined Auxunit 10 and was regularly breaking into the harmanz supply buildings, sampling harman brains and ransacking the building interiors. On Friday, October 13, 2006, Murray Jay took part of the ransack of the Blackmore Building. He quickly lit his pipe and pondered the deeper significance of Blackmore being sacked saying, "It's not Blackmore that has been sacked, but rather the very image of the C4NT."


Among Murray Jay's accomplishments are being the former strike commander of the Red Guards; editing the Malton Herald & Sun; and being Papa of the RRF. He's still kickin' it with RRF and AU10, but is now just one of the zombies.

Larry Johnson 27

LJ is a retired PKer, formerly of Red Rum.

Larry Johnson 27
\\ESCALADE\ButtryT\My Documents\My Pictures\larry johnson.jpg
Joined: 2006-8-03
Character class: Scout
Favorite equipment: Pistols and Shotguns
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: Red Rum
Character stats: Level 41, 105 PK's, KOS on the Rogues' Gallery
Journal: None for Larry Johnson 27

Hesh Applewhite

Hesh rolls with The Know Nothings. Although he's a dual natured player who's recently started attacking people when dead.

Hesh Applewhite
Joined: 2006-8-04
Character class: Scout
Favorite equipment: Pins and Needles
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Alive
Character group: The Know Nothings
Character stats: Level 41
Journal: Nope for Hesh Applewhite

Romero Glasses

Romero Glasses is a retired Barhah Fundamentalist.

Romero Glasses
Joined: 2006-8-08
Character class: Zombah!
Favorite equipment: Claws and Teeth
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Undead
Character group: Militant Order of Barhah
Character stats: Level 20 rotter
Journal: No for Romero Glasses

Pvt Walter Sobchak

Pvt Walter Sobchak is the former leader of the Flat Earth Society. He now rolls with COMBAT REVIVE.

Pvt Walter Sobchak
Joined: 2006-8-29
Character class: Private
Favorite equipment: Revivification Syringe
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Rapidly alternating between life and death
Character group: COMBAT REVIVE
Character stats: Level 41
Journal: null for Pvt Walter Sobchak

JAK Gladney

A retired Mall Tourist and Ghetto Cow member.

JAK Gladney
Joined: 2007-1-04
Character class: Civilian
Favorite equipment: First Aid Kits
Character profile: Urban Dead profile
Current status: Quickly alternating between life and death
Character group: Ghetto Cow
Character stats: Level 7
Journal: None for JAK Gladney


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