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The Ridleybank Resistance Front are noted as one of the largest active hordes in the city of Malton. At the time of writing they have more than 900 registered members, with a daily estimated active population of 200 zombies, not including Gargon, the current RRF mascot. The RRF are also considered by many survivors as one of the most dangerous groups in the city; since formation in late September 2005 the horde has only had two notable defeats amid many bloody victories.

To New Players

The RRF would like to offer a rotting hand to aid new players in the (at first glance) overwhelming world of UD. If you visit, you'll find a welcoming and fun as hell community to help you get adjusted to the game and help you gain experience faster than any other group around.

Current Activities: EXCURSION III

To celebrate the new year and start 2008 with a Barhah Bang, Papa Moloch announced Excursion III. The entire Ridleybank Resistance Front will be going on tour, spreading death in their quest for the tastiest brains in all Malton. Right now the Front is partying in Stanbury Village and any wandering zombah's are welcome to roll on up and share the snacks.

Threads on the subject can be found in the Department of Homeland Security and Wrecking Ball forums:

The Birth of a Horde

In late September 2005 a zombie known as Petrosjko was dismayed to find Ridleybank being used as a survivor stronghold and put out a call for fellow zombies to join in the sacking of Moggridge Place Police Department. Things quickly escalated to the point that Petrosjko declared the formation of the Ridleybank Resistance Front, a horde that would lay claim to Ridleybank as its own territory.

Within a week dozens of zombies had answered the call and Ridleybank soon became known in survivor circles as the most dangerous suburb in the city, a position that still is rarely in contention.


The Ridleybank Resistance Front is well known for banning the use of both "grey" tactics, such as spying, and outright illegal tactics, such as alt-abuse.

The horde's leadership has consistently reinforced this position, from Petrosjko's original call to arms, to current, ongoing disputes with notable survivor groups.

Any alt-spying and activities along those lines will result in ejection, ruthless mockery, pantsing, and being declared fair game. - Petrosjko, from the original announcement. [1]
Our policy on this is VERY specific- we do not want our members telling us what they've learned from survivor alts, ESPECIALLY if this information is derived from membership in another group. For example, if we had CDF members in the RRF, I would very specifically -not- want to know anything that they learned by being a CDF member. We don't want to know what they've overheard, and we don't even want to know what they've seen if combat revived and free-running. - Petrosjko, from a zerging discussion on the CDF Message Board.
Using Multies against the one opponent is dishonourable. It is also against the letter and spirit of the game rules, even though there is no technical method for preventing it from happening. Thus the only constraints for it happening are the social ones.- Hungerer (War Council Member), from the same discussion.
I'm not exactly sure how much more precisely I can put this: NO MULTIES. I don't care how far apart they are, I don't care if you've dropped "Ridleybank Resistance Front" from the character's profile, if you have a zombie alt it cannot be a part of the Ridleybank Resistance Front and it cannot just follow the RRF around or just hang out in Ridleybank. -- Murray Jay Suskind
There is to be no 'alt usage' within the borders of Ridleybank. If you have a zombie in the RRF horde abroad you may not have a zombie alt within Ridleybank helping out the DoHS as a feral. No intel can be accepted from zombies who are not members of the Front. -- Beauxdeigh (Former Secretary of Homeland Security)
Tools that aid information organization, sorting and posting while you're playing are just fine. UDTool, Z-UDTool, UD Toolbar, IWitness, etc. are all fine and dandy.
Information gleaned from public metagame sources (the wiki, public forums, etc.) are also fine and dandy.
Any and all bots that automatically do anything (smash cades, smash gens, ransack, ?rise, etc.) in-game are not allowed. This should go without saying.
Automatic "scouting tools" are to never, ever, ever be used by members of the RRF. This goes for scouting tools that automatically register where certain players are, what the barricade status of buildings are, what the status of buildings are (powered, caded, ransacked, ruined), etc. If we want to know something, it should be posted on our forum, posted on the wiki or PM'd to an appropriate WC member. Not culled into a database by some program. -- Murray Jay Suskind on

In September 2006, Papa Patrucio publicly announced that the RRF now allows death culting. While this policy is not without controversy, the RRF takes active steps to ensure that these activities are done in an honorable way. Revives tend to be given by foolish harmanz. All RRF members must have the words "Ridleybank Resistance Front," in their profile even if they're waiting for a revive. Active death culting activity is also limited to our special ops team, The Gore Corps.

Command Structure

The Ridleybank Resistance Front is a multi faceted organisation, with similarly diverse objectives.

The organisational structure is (paradoxically) anarchically loose, while remaining tightly organised, meaning every member can choose to be as heavily involved as they wish. Currently the groups operations are planned by a group of elder members known as The War Council, with Moloch as the head.

Originally the RRF was designed to be almost totally anarchic, however within weeks it was clear that some minor organisation would be required. First, the two groups were formed, the intention being that while one group attacked a target outside Ridleybank, the other group would remain behind, defending Ridleybank from invaders.

Creation of The Department of Homeland Security

In early November a defensive gap began to appear, as both groups began to to be simultaneously engaged further and further away from Ridleybank, which also created problems for new, inexperienced members who struggled to keep up with the horde.

In response, the Department of Homeland Security was created. Initially formed as a small group of dedicated defenders, the role of the DoHS soon expanded into that of a training program - wherein new, inexperienced members could be guided by the senior DoHS members in attacks on survivors in Ridleybank, through identifying and softening potential targets.

The Evolution of the Strike Teams

At Caiger Mall, the limitations of the horde's anarchic structure became evident, and the need for a co-ordinated element was highlighted. Towards the end of the Caiger siege talks began on creating "strike-teams", groups of RRF members who would launch a co-ordinated attack at a specific time every day. While the Caiger siege ended before many of the teams were ready, the ensuing battle for Ridleybank meant that the strike-teams saw much combat over the following weeks.

Groups, Strike Teams and Black-Ops Units

The Wrecking Ball

Led by BongoBrain, The Wrecking Ball is the Ridleybank Resistance Front's expeditionary force. First formed as Group 0 in March 2006, this "master group" is comprised of a large number of horde members, absorbing the original Group 1 and Group 2 (and its mascot, Pickles the Elephant), and as such is a highly destructive force. Operating under the RRF's traditional "disorganized order" structure where targets are publicly identified and attacked (here), this organization serves to help keep the harman infestation down in Malton.

The Department of Homeland Security

Under the nominal leadership of SomewhatDeceased, DoHS is a large, anarchic, largely self-directed horde. The Department serves two purposes. Their primary purpose is to keep Ridleybank proper harman- and barricade-free. Their secondary purpose is to supply manpower to help keep the Greater Ridleybank area dangerous for harman settlement. An unspoken third responsibility is, of course, the development of new square-dancing songs.

Recently, a group of concerned Homeland Security Agents realized that many of them were playing around the same time (late evening in North America). The resulting loosely organized group has become an informal strike team going by the name TEAM AMERICA: MALTON POLICE. While behaving in a fashion that may evoke other strike teams, Team America is a crack team dedicated to directly serving the Department of Homeland Security unlike other RRF strike teams which occasionally wander off and and pantslessly mingle in areas far away from the rest of the horde.

Strike Teams and Black Ops Units

Auxunit 10

Formed during the first Battle of Blackmore, Auxunit 10 is the gold-standard of RRF strike teams, eating more brains, smashing more cades and ruining more buildings than anyone else around (the shiney gold medals around our necks attest to that). Led by none other than the old school arse-kicker Pyromonkey, Auxunit 10 is proud to also count retired Papa Suskind as one of its members.

The GMT Breakfast Club

Formed during the first siege of Caiger Mall, the GMT Breakfast Club is one of the longest-serving strike teams in all of the game. It is a distinct possibility that they have eaten more brains over their long tenure than any other single strike team -- after all, they're quite good at killing people. Led by the distinguished leader Distinguished, the Breaky Club still rises early and eats the brainz of harmanz too lazy to get up with the sun.

The Gore Corps

Founded during the original Big Bash, the Gore Corps are the resident death cultists of the RRF. They are the bane of the existence of every harman they come across, devastating their ranks either dead or alive. They are also known for their provacative dress, pubescent fascination with sex and being the official team of RRF hottie Goolina. The Corps is currently led by Moloch and yosemiteclimber.

Retired or Disbanded Strike Teams

The Barhah Brigade

The Barhah Brigade was, if they ever existed, the RRF's own personal black ops unit, answerable to none but Petrosjko himself. While they are incredibly secretive, they do have their own article, which contains all public knowledge (however limited) regarding the unit. If they ever did exist, they would have formed their their own horde by now.

The Gray Guard

Comprised of retired old Ridleys, burnt out from the game but still bound to the horde by duty and friendship. These brave warriors mainly sit around a fire in Moggridge Place Police Department in the Zombie Homeland trading war stories and telling any young Zombie who will listen about the good old days, back when the brains were sweeter, the harmanz were smarter, and Petrosjko wore pants. Once a day each zombie leaves on a scouting run breaking down barricades for the cause, eating the foolish occupants (if any), and tirelessly repairing buildings back into a proper state for a zombie dwelling (With all harman friendly gear carefully recycled into works of beautiful art).

Victory and Defeat: The Combat Record Of The RRF

The RRF have fought and won many battles since the groups conception, with two notable exceptions. A record of the more significant battles can be found here.


If you wish to join the ranks of the Ridleybank Resistance Front, you can do so by posting in a subforum for this purpose (direct link to thread here), where any questions can be answered.

Malton Herald & Sun

The Malton Herald & Sun is the official newspaper of the RRF. Read, be enlightened, and achieve Barhah!

The Ridleybank Resistance Front
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