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Your Group Could Suck Less

UrbanDead is a MMORPG. It's a social game in which your side of the battle fights against the other over resources in a back and forth motion. You don't win The War in UD, but you can win some sweet battles.

This social aspect is easily gleaned: rattling, headshots, ?rising, taunting the zombies and shooting them outside. Any of the historic articles in which huge factions fight for a target, most likely a mall, until one side caves. Even if your side loses, you probably had a great time of it because you didn't do it alone!

Contrary to this idea of social gaming is a another school of thought that is born out of balance: efficiency. The survivor faction is encouraged to employ River Tactics and Barricade Strafing, to avoid zombies. Zombies have an equal tactic: Salting the Land & ruins. Each of these are employed as the strongest tactics in tilting the balance one way or another.

These two ideas are at odds to each other, breeding contempt among those who side with one or the other. It's Spike Vs Timmy at it's core. At one side of the scale are those who play to win, and at the other are those who play for fun.

But Spike and Timmy aren't why your group sucks. They're very important to you. In fact, they're your bread and butter. Why your group sucks more than it should is because you don't have enough Spike and Timmy in you!

As a zombie, you do little to represent either of your bread and butter if you keep driving your horde though bummer burbs like Millen Hills and Dakerstown. There's nothing there: there's no mall; there's no big survivor groups; it's just a big 'cade-strafed nightmare you'll spend all week wasting your time on.

If you're a big horde, point yourself at the biggest, fattest groups of survivors you know of and bowl them down. Lots of groups publish information about themselves, so you may as well use it! Pick up a radio; listening to a radio station isn't spying! Get over that MoB mentality and make the game work for you instead of the other way around, idealists be damned. And if you're just a lone zombie, consider joining a horde or fusing your small group with a larger one. It beats chewing on barricades alone...

The same goes for survivors. Chasing ghost towns, staying away from malls, hiding in the EHB fortress, and never ever going close to Ridleybank, Whittenside, or Dunnel Hills will ensure a long life. A long life of little action. If your group has no convictions towards the previously mentioned items and/or doesn't siege on a regular basis, ask around and find one who does!

You, the player, can suck less too. Having too many alts is a great way to get stuck never visiting parts of the city and interacting with your fellow human beings. Unfortunately, you'll get the pitchforks for trying to play with yourself in this game (zerging). So really give some thought to if you want to join a group that will likely collide with the one you're already a part of.

You can also document your group doing whatever you want. We'll never get the scale of the early battles, but that doesn't mean you can't write about how you fought the latest battle at Caiger and got eaten after repeatedly shoving The Dead back outside. Designating one or two people to update the wiki with some snarky comments about how your group did something against another or the other faction is a great way to spark emotions and get the blood flowing. If it's boring to play alone, you should show how playing in your group is great.

Communicate openly as often as you can. In-game communication is weak, but it absolutely grabs the attention of all listeners. Flailing, rattling, radio communication and tagging can all be used to get in the face of the enemy; so go on and do it. Protip: If you can't rattle your zombie group's name, find a new name. Further, letting anyone know about your horde's new bash (How about a name you can rattle? You might also make a link in you profile to a UDWiki page of your newest Zombie Tour). Hiding in the shroud of forums is a great way to never get noticed. Think about that for a moment.

You have the chance to make your group better, even if you already have one that already rocks. None of these things break your current ways, you've just forgotten about them or don't think they matter. This isn't even all inclusive; I'm sure there's other reasons why your group isn't as good as it could be. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt for you to come up with some things you want changed. The worst that could ever happen is that you get a little more engaged in a game you like just a little bit more.

Notes: This is a rough draft. It won't go beyond that, because I just don't have the time and I'm sure that anyone who bothers to read it will either: do something silly like tell me I'm wrong, or realize their own deficiencies without my help.


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