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Alrighty, I realise I've never really updated this so I'll just put some info on here to begin with.

I am Myself, of The 'Sards, and have been a member since november of 2005. Currently a Zob wiht the Gingerbraaains, but returning soon enough.

I am Meself, of the Gingerbread Men, and have been a member since August/September 2005. Originally the Headhunters, Perpetrators of the Candyland Seige, Sometime Gingerbraaain, and currently running with the remaining GBM and the Night Ravers
I am Papa Glenn, of The Malton Zookeepers, and have been since, well, somtime in the summer of '06. Oringinally of the RRF, then the Big Bash, and then took a post as a security member of Seageant KoB's Lonely Hearts Zombie Patrol.

More to folow, well, eventually.

--Myself 22:46, 9 March 2007 (UTC)