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Name Group Status Other
Kylestyles Lovechild Ridleybank Resistance Front Active Former Papa of the RRF, Former Uncle of the Department of Homeland Security, Lovechild of KyleStyle, Single Strike Babah Feeding Record - 23 Harmanz
Jadkor Militant Order of Barhah Active 10k Society, MOB Locator, Nex Scriptor, Radical Barhah Fundamentalist
N0RDAK The Scourge Active Former Big Bash 3, Mall Tour '11, Minions of the Apocalypse
Uncle Leeroy Idled Former Death-cultist, now survivor
Dr Manson Fort Perryn Defense Force Active Former 404: Barhah not found and The Know Nothings

Dohs-200.jpg Department of Homeland Security
Kylestyles Lovechild is a member of the Department of Homeland Security and part of the reason why Ridleybank is the safest place for zombies to raise their families (from the dead).

Militant Order of Barhah.gif Militant Order of Barhah
The MOB is coming...
ZombieHand.gif Proud To Be Dead
This user is a zombie and proud of it.
BasicBLF.jpg Bra!nz Liberation Front
This user liberates brains for the

Militant Order of Barhah!

BICTemplate.png Bldg. Info Center
This user supports the BIC
BB3-template-red.jpg Big Bash 3
This zombie Bashed, but now they're
heading home after the party.
Nogo.jpg No Escape
This user ate escaping harmanz.

10ksociety.gif 10k Society
This user is a proud member of the 10k Society
The Ridleybank Resistance Front
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