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My Philosophy

Coordination is essential, if you live in Earletown you should be using The Earletown Alliance Forums and the Earletown Building Information Center. I'm pro Radio, pro Mobile Phone Mast, pro revives, and anti Zombie, anti PK'er.

Yeah I got Zombie skills only cause they keep giving me so many XP.

--N0TAPYR0 15:47, 1 August 2006 (BST)Woah they give us a page?


Zombra's Pub

Places to find me

Earletown - N0TAPYR0's home suburb and will always hold good memories.

The Acourt Arms - Home of Zombra's Pub

The Flowar Building (Earletown) - Mobile phone mast in Earletown, one of the old haunts.

Ames Plaza - good revive point.

Shufflebotham Boulevard Fire Station - Where I first started out, former home of Fire Brigade 47



Fire Brigade 47

The Story of N0t A Pyr0

The Beginning

Nota had just moved to Malton before the outbreak, it was one of the first things he had done on his own. Just graduating Highschool in a sleepy little town 20 miles South of Malton he had been attracted by Earletown's low rent and the new job opportunities coming in the form of the 4 new Fire Stations.

Soon however he discovered that being a volunteer firefighter was not a very steady job with 4 stations full of people leaping at the chance at a fire call. He also discovered that rent was so low because of the amazing ammount of fire damage in the buildings caused by the large fire that prompted the new fire stations.

The outbreak took longer to reach Earletown than most, but when the bell sounded at Shufflebotham Boulevard Fire Station Nota jumped at the chance for his next paycheck and headed out to Clare General Hospital where an ambulance had just crashed into the emergency room door bursting into flames.

The EMT's had been waved off and the hose was being unrolled when someone yelled, "the patient in the back is still alive!" Nota turned to see the struggling figure and nearly gagged, the poor bloke was on fire, clawing at the restraints fastening him to the stretcher. Somehow the still moving burning body managed to get clear of the vehicle and EMT's rushed in to put him out and pull him away from the fire.

Nota turned his attention back to the hose bracing himself along with 2 other guys working the hose as the water started flowing. His attention was focused fully on the hose and the fire at the hospital doors when the commotion began. A scream of warning, a scream of fear, and a scream of pain came at him from all sides, the hose began to be difficult to handle. Nota looked back to see something that explained the screams and caused one just like it to echo from his own throat. The "body" had ripped apart the 2 EMT's that had rescued him from the fire only moments before, blood still dripped from its face, or what was left of a face after the 3rd degree burns. How could this be? The body lurched closer to the older full time fire fighter behind Nota, the burnt disfigured being reached up and tore the poor saps face half off, Nota let go of the hose.

He knew it was the last mistake he'd make as soon as it happened. The hose full of pressure and now devoid of anchormen shot violently about in the air. Before he could duck the metal nozzel connected to the back of his head with a sick crack, the world faded to the same jet black as the skin of the horrible burned creature.

When he awoke there was arguing, shouting going on around the corner out of sight. Nota tried to sit up only to groan and fall back to the bed. He examined his surroundings realizing he is on a cot in the back of Shufflebotham Boulevard's Fire Station. A man walked into the room. "Well I guess that solves that argument, I probably shouldn't throw you outside if you can be useful!" "Huh? Who are you and what's going on around here?" said Nota trying again to sit up. He managed to balance on the edge of the cot.

"Name is FireWarlord, I'm whats left of Fire Brigade 47 out of Stoy Avenue," said the stranger. He continued after a heavy sigh, "the things are everywhere, went out on a call and the truck was smashed into by a rouge minivan, they were all over us before we knew what was even happening." "Things?" Nota questioned. "Zombies boy, didn't you know, its the End of Days out there, the dead walk but they ain't who they were, they jump out of the grave to knaw on your head and they don't stop."

Nota's brain raced as Warlord explained the situation, he'd been in a coma for 3 days, he still wasn't in great shape and was lucky to be alive and that there had been enough stitches in the station for the huge gash. FireWarlord was putting together a ragtag group of ex-Firefighters to barricade up the buildings that were left. And so began...

Fire Brigade 47

Being the new guy Nota quickly was chewed to death and revived many a time by members of another group of survivors, the Bastards of War. They had broken into the nearby Necrotech offices and started delivering the cure to Earletown residents including many FB47 members. A friendship formed between the groups and for a time they watched each others backs.

Nota was forced to stay behind to hold the fort while BOW and FB47 went to try to repel the mass of zombies trying to tear apart Trewekke Mall. Unfortunately the mall still fell and many of the brigade were never seen again.

Nota progressed while the rest of the group was out of town and began keeping track of more than just Shufflebotham, soon Eldredge and Flowar were under control, power was restored and a radio dredged up and moved to the top floor of the Flowar Building. Using the phone mast Nota was able to amplify the signal and reach some of the FB47 members, the brigade started to rebuild its numbers and life in Earletown was stable again. Nota continued his radio broadcasts about the zombies in the area and managed to pick up a transmission or two also.

One of these transmissions was from Ron Burgandy of Channel 4 News, Caiger Mall was under attack, help needed! FB47 set off again leaving Nota behind once more. They contacted back that Caiger had been retaken, then just a week before Valentines day horrible news came, the mall had fallen, many FB47 members lost their lives that day and in the weeks to follow, it was through a broadcast from Caiger Mall Survivors that Nota heard the horrible news, FB47 had died to the man attempting to retake Caiger.

Nota was crushed and alone, FB47 was no more, he gave up Shufflebotham and moved to Flowar for the strategic view it offered. What could he do now? Then the voices came, no Nota didn't go any crazier, BOW members were broadcasting on the radio! The group was happy to have the radio operator on board and the next chapter began unfolding.


Nota started working with BOW to keep Earletown together, keeping the phone mast running, broadcasting zombie locations from the Flowar Building daily for a while, he repelled multiple attacks on Clare Hospital, set up St. Telesphorus's Church as an entry point, started the failed Earletown lights movement keeping all buildings surrounding Flowar powered, brought multiple radio's back to town from Trewekke Mall, worked the revive line at Ames Plaza, even earned distinction by winning the 1k race.

But along with the good times there was bad, Cult of the Fallen God repeatedly snuck in and slaughtered Nota and other BOW members, Dead Air members broke in and knawed at his skull, Chandler Monument Worshippers dismantled the electrical systems Nota worked so hard to fix and maintain.

Yes Nota was hated by many, but BOW members and BOW's allies watched his back, and he was glad to help improve the life of fellow Earletown residents. But then one day a rumor spread by a survivor near the blockade at the edge of Malton set his mind on fire with the true desire of Nota and every survivor in Malton, escape!

The Tunnel

The survivor spread a story that he had heard from a stranger that had heard it from a stranger that had heard it from the guy that got out and back in. Typical fishtail really, one of the buildings on the edge of town had a tunnel from the basement under the quarantine zone to the outside world, the guy had left and come back to tell others but had been eaten by zombies before revealing the exact location. According to the story teller he had been searching every building on Malton's edge for months and he was positive he was getting close.

Nota would not have given it a second thought if he had not seen something very strange just before meeting the stranger. He didn't tell the story teller what he knew, he had to be sure first, this kind of information could not get yelled about in the streets, survivors would mob to the spot and where survivors go so will the zombies follow.

After waving goodbye Nota returned to the building where he had seen the jackhammer and picks and began a VERY thorough search of the building. Wait whats this a basement? There in the farthest corner of the basement something was out of place, he moved the large tile and sank to his knees.

It was true! Or was it? There was a tunnel here for sure but Nota barely had time to comprehend what he was seeing before he heard the noise. A scraping on the pavement, a thump on the outside wall, a low mumbling. A look out of one of the shattered windows confirmed his fear, zombies, a small pack but might be a problem without backup. The place needed cades and so Nota set to work, he did what he could and pulled out his cellphone to text some backup...

The Return

Nota came back through the tunnel, he had to distribute what he had learned outside, the zombies were coming and in more force than anyone knew. He knew where to find some survivors, heading to Zombra's Pub he stood up on the bar and shouted, getting everyones attention he began to build an alliance of Earletown residents, going beyond the bounds of just one group and appealing to all survivors in this suburb to work together to avoid the coming storm.

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