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N51, in a ghillie suit during a war game in a mock town outside of Bavaria. It was a training exercise for run & gun practice and they had me training probies that day which is why I was wearing a full ghillie suit in the mock town. March 21, 2004.
N51, inside Mallard Towers. May 18, 2010.

Where to begin, well my real name is Dan Easton, beware that this is my life story so far. So if you don't want to become incredibly bored then don't read it, just skip to the end of the page. I was born in Houston, Texas however I've lived in Malton for about 8 years. I lived in Pescodside specifically at The Squires Building with my parents. I was the only child my parents ever had.

Growing up in Pescodside was nice, I enjoyed exploring and was naturally curious about everything around me. Most of my childhood is pretty standard. Only at age 18 did things start to change, I moved back to Texas for college and enlisted into the military to pay for it. I joined the Airborne merely out of choice, I was offered either that or Infantry and Airborne had better pay. It wasn't common place ever to send such a young recruit into the Airborne Corps but I scored the highest recorded score ever in my entry exam. I was the designated marksmen in my squad, basically I was the guy who takes out the longer targets for the team. I was stationed in Bavaria, Germany for one year at Ansbach.

My nickname is N51, because it was my squad tag number. Life was easy but boring in Bavaria. I joined Airborne thinking I'd be sent all over the planet to deal with issues and military affairs, but instead I got sent to a reservist base to serve as a guardsman. It was as dull as doing PT, that's probably what caused my leg injury. On April, 7, 2004 all hell broken loosen at the Embassy in Berlin, terrorists bombed 2 cars killing 8 people and wounds 13 others. Al Qaeda, they opened fire on police officers as well, injuring two. Well to put it bluntly I got careless and overconfident about my job at the base. While on patrol with my squad in Ansbach, three gunmen armed with AK-47's and FN FAL's opened fire from a black sedan. I exposed myself too long to try and get a good shot on them. They were horrible shots from about 50 feet away but they managed to land one round in my left leg before I hand enough sense to take cover. I'm not sure of what their intent was, maybe to just try and kill people, but whatever the reason was, it stopped my military career dead in its tracks.

Normally bullet wounds wouldn't be much of an issue, as long as it's a pass through you simply remove any bullet fragments, wrap up the wound and off you go. However I was part of Airborne, we jump from airplane and are always stuck in the worst of it and the bullet had fragmented into my muscle and femur. My CO wouldn't allow me to operate with this injury. So I got extended leave for a few years to heal up back in Malton. Yes, the injury was that bad to warrant several years of leave, I still have leg pains from the injury while running. I made the most of it visiting my parents till reports of odd things happening in the city started occurring, that's what made me send my parents to Florida for vacation. About a week later I found out about the apparent Quarantine they were enacting on the city. Luckily my parents made it out in time. I decided that it would be stupid to just sit and wait to die, so I picked up my father's old Enfield No. 4 Mark 2 rifle and went searching for a safe place to set up a stronghold.

N51's current favorite combat gun, the Winchester 1300. This is my actual shotgun in real life. Photographed on March 22, 2010.

I wear my iconic gas mask because I can conceal my identity with ease and because I always have suspected that the infection is airborne. Since the discovery of syringes I haven't feared the infection as much but I feel the mask gives me a distinct look and reputation that I wouldn't trade for the world, it is however extremely uncomfortable to wear all the time so I generally only wear it when I leave the safety of Mallard Towers. I normally grab a new gas mask every time I stop by the fire station, mostly because the filters on gas masks can go bad after long term usage so I just don't bother with those problems. I was one of the few lucky people to hardly ever encounter zombies during the first few weeks, but when I did the result was always the same. A dead corpse shot in the head and hacked to pieces.

I always carry an axe now where ever I go mostly as backup because I never have to reload an axe, just sharpen it. Yes I just said one of the most cliche one-liners on the planet and no I don't even care but I do apologize for the lack of creativity. Once upon a time I carried a Bowie knife which I used for hacking and slashing but I found it to be inefficient for close-quarters and such. So I ditched it in favor of a larger and more powerful fire axe, it has more reach, power, and efficiency than a knife will ever have. Finding ammo for my Enfield is tough. Firing a .303, it's rare to find any rounds in even the biggest gun shops but every once in a while I get lucky. I found a Mossberg 590 while scanning through Lentell Walk Police Dept for extra ammo. It's was a nice find for a shotgun, it had a bayonet lug and even came with an extended magazine tube. It's saved my life on three occasions, unfortunately during the third occasion I was forced to bash open a rail station door with it which was dead-bolted. As a result the stock cracked in half so I was forced to ditch it.

These days I'm packing a Winchester 1300, it's nothing special, no tactical crap, no fancy looks. It just gets the job done and that all I ask of my weapons. My sidearm of choice is the Ruger SR9, it's high capacity magazines, slim setup which is good for concealment, and the reliable design makes it a great weapon to fallback on and have during the apocalypse. Yeah it's a 9mm and no it doesn't pack a big punch but I have lots of ammo because it's 9mm so I don't care. I also own a .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson revolver which is entertaining to fire when I can find ammo for it, I'm not familiar with the exact model mine is. However I don't care, being the huge Clint Eastwood fan that I am I just had to grab one for my own. It shoots great and I couldn't be happier with the amount of stopping power it has, only problem is again find ammo that this baby can eat.

I've traveled much through Malton while I was searching for a suitable home. I set up camp at Treweeke Mall while checking for abandoned buildings I could take over and rebuild. I found two suitable buildings, Mallard Towers and the TREATT candy company Factory. I chose Mallard Towers for it's higher view point and near by resource buildings.

N51 with Drake Gills at the beginning of the harder times in Malton. September 2, 2005.

I also decided to found a small group called the Souless Survivors about 2 years ago. My group though small is very close knit and we pride ourselves as being some of the best in Malton. Till now we have been aiding the Dulston Alliance and Pro survivors in the area. I'm always looking for new recruits to join us. In my spare time I like to check the surrounding areas for zombies with my binoculars, read books, poetry, strip & clean my guns regularly and enjoy long walks in Tikanoff Park. If your interested in joining the Souless Survivors then you can find me or my Souless at Mallard Towers.

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