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The Wagland Building (Pennville)

2 zombies
wasteland a carpark wasteland Sibree Plaza wasteland
1 zombie
1 zombie
Ennitt Alley Lane Drive
1 survivor
2 survivors
1 zombie
1 survivor
Harrill Walk a carpark Howes Drive
Sears Park
1 zombie
Fifoot Grove wasteland
Dufferin Grove
a cemetery
1 survivor
Delacombe Drive
Blight Lane Hagopian Street
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Proper Procedure
The following details the steps that should be taken in order to update the NecroWatch Scout report

  • Edit this wikipage and change the template values, which are:
  • bldyx represents the building status (l => powered, d => not powered, r => ruined)
  • zedyx represents the number of zombies you spotted
  • suryx represents the number of survivors you spotted
Where yx are the relative coordinates of the building in the 7x7 square that was scouted. 11 is top left, 17 is top right, 71 is bottom left and 77 is bottom right
Don't forget to reset every field to zero before beginning! If you want, you can copy-paste this over the previous scan before entering your own values:
  • Edit this wikipage and change the template value for user with your own user timestamp (see below).
  • Add your signature to bottom of the History list

Note: All NecroTechnicians are reminded that when editing the NecroWatch scout report timestamp they should either have user= followed by their user personalized signature or ~~~~. All signatures are automatically preceded by "--". Should user= ever be deleted then "Unknown NecroTechnician" is the default value, which is in turn linked to the History for that specific scan location wikipage. Therefore it is highly recommended that you do NOT delete the "user=" variable.